Clean Energy Symposia

Three important half-day events will be held in a twelve month period in prime locations throughout New Jersey. These Clean Energy Symposia will provide awareness buildings, outreach to new potential consumers, and will be loaded with the important technical content on clean energy technologies required by decision makers. In these novel forums, consumers will come face to face with numerous clean energy technology manufacturers and energy efficiency consultants as well as equipment providers.

Each symposium will have a market group focus (residential, commercial or farm). The symposia will be spaced throughout the project year approximately four months apart and will target audiences when they are most able to attend (i.e. farm outreach in the winter, educational outreach in the summer, residential and small commercial to fill in at appropriate times and venues). The locations will include southern New Jersey (Rowan University campus— Gloucester County), central New Jersey (e.g. Rutgers EcoComplex Facility— Burlington County) and northern New Jersey (e.g. Middlesex County College or NJIT).

The key deliverables of each symposium will be:
* Lectures on wind and energy efficiency technologies (plus others requested for market expansion from the NJ Clean Energy Program),
* Manufacturer displays
* Education on available rebates and interconnection requirements
* Question and answer sessions

Target audiences will include:
* Small businesses
* Farm owners
* Educational administrators
* Residential consumers

Upcoming Symposia:
Energy Efficiency for Small Buisiness (Winter 2008)

Previous Symposia:
Rowan University Symposium (August 11, 2008)
Rowan University Symposium (April 20, 2007)
Rutgers' EcoComplex Symposium (February 23, 2007)
Rowan University Symposium (December 1, 2006)
RSCNJ Ecostock (May 31-June 2, 2006)
Rutgers' EcoComplex Symposium (February 28, 2006)
Rowan University Symposium (June 18, 2004)