Valle Verde Water Access

We just travelled on our first assessment trip there over Spring Break. We plan on returning for a second assessment trip, tentatively over winter break in January 2015.

We are working with the NGO Caritas Dominicana.

Valle Verde formed a water board to help us facilitate this project. We worked along with them on the trip.

On this trip we worked on establishing a relationship with the community. We conducted a lot of interviews to find out what their most pressing issues were. We also found out where people in Valle Verde currently get their water from and how much they currently use.

We got to see the canal and river near Valle Verde, which are possible sources of water for the community. We performed water quality testing on the canal and river water to test for bacteria, nitrates, phosphates, turbidity, and pH.

We worked on making a map of the community and gathered technical data, such as the flow rate of the canal.

Our next step is to begin an alternatives analysis, which looks at possible solutions for the community. Current ideas for solutions include a pipe system, a well, and rainwater catchment.

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Camden Irrigation

The Rowan University Engineers Without Borders (EWB) club partners with the Camden Foundation for Environmental Transformation (CFET) to sustainably deliver water to three of their urban gardens. The EWB Camden team plans to install drip irrigation in three of their gardens so the CFET can grow fruits and vegetables in urban-Camden and sell the produce at local farmers markets.

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Intro to Engineering

Intro to engineering is an after school program that is held at the Mullica Hill Library. The program exposes children ages 6-12 to different types of engineering. Through hands on projects they learn to think and act like engineers. Some of these projects include making water filters, building bridges out of straws, making catapults and mixing chemicals to create bouncy balls. Each project is based on a different discipline so all participants can act like each type of engineer.

There is one project per month, here are some of the ones we have done so far:

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