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NOTE: As of January 23, 2013, the Department of State has issued a travel warning for El Salvador. At this time, the team is unable to travel to countries with a travel warning. As a result, the Clean Water for La Ceiba project is currently on hold until further notice. You can find more information on the Department of State Travel Warning here.
Valle Verde, Dominican Republic

Water Supply for Valle Verde


Problem: The current water supply for Valle Verde is insufficient for the size of the community. Solution: Bring a continuous and sustainable water supply to the community of Valle Verde.


Where we are now


To date, the Valle Verde team has traveled to Dominican Republic on one assessment trip. The tripped aimed to make good relations with the community and local government, assess the area, and to do some preliminary tests. Using the knowledge from this trip, the team is currently researching possible water sources and water scheme alternatives to determine the most appropriate solution for the community. The team hopes to travel to the community again in the near future for a second assessment trip.


Detailed Project Background


The Rowan University Engineers Without Borders chapter has only been involved in the “Water Access for Valle Verde” project since 2013. The chapter adopted the project, and traveled to Valle Verde in March 2014 for their first assessment trip. During this trip, the team made a good relationship with the community, met with the NGO and INAPA, did basic water testing, and conducted surveys of local residents. From this assessment trip, the team was able to determine that severity of the lack of water access in the community and started researching right away to determine a solution. The team, with help from many members of the Rowan University Engineers without Borders chapter, is currently working on an Alternative Analysis report. This report will list each of our proposed solutions, the pros and cons of each solution, cost estimate, and maintenance for each. The team hopes to travel on a second assessment trip in the near future and multiple implementation trips over the next few years. Although this project has nearly just begun, the Valle Verde team plans on impacting the community of Valle Verde in a big way.



Previous Project

La Ceiba, El Salvador
Our chapter is currently partnering with the community of La Ceiba, El Salvador to implement a solution for clean drinking water. The community members of La Ceiba drink contaminated water from hand dug wells and a local river, and  the poor water quality has caused a number of illnesses and deaths within the community.

Our chapter began implementing biosand filters in La Ceiba in January 2011, with the help of the community. We are excited to begin monitoring our pilot implementation and continue installing more filters.


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