Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery Clinic Project


Below are testimonials of the impact that the Hurricane Katrina alternative spring break trip had on a few of the student volunteers.

“I learned and saw why people want to come back and also learned how the simplest actions can make a world of a difference.” – Ashleigh Ries, Junior, 2007 Trip, Journalism Major

“I didn’t know what to expect, this being the first time I’ve ever done something like this. So I took it as it came. I never expected the damage to be soo city wide, or how appreciative EVERYONE was for our help.” – Magdalena Dziopko, Junior, 2007 Trip, Spanish Major/ French & Political Science Minor

“Being in New Orleans and seeing all the people who have been harmed really opens my eyes to how much of an impact our little time here helps.” – Kelsey Hegel, Freshman, 2007 Trip, Elementarty Education/ English Major

“This trip absolutely opened my eyes to how much they need help in New Orleans.” Fred Rohs, Junior, 2007 Trip, Engineering Major

“You understand how hard and time consuming recovery is. How much money goes into the process and how difficult it is for people to get their lives back.”- Addie Kina, Senior, 2007 Trip, Sociology Major

“Helping people here was the most rewarding part of the trip. I was actually sad to stop working.” - Andrew Hak, Junior, 2007 Trip, Engineering Major