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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Dean's Office

Dean's Welcome


TonyLowmanAt the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering it is easy to see what the future holds. Since 2013, both the College and University have grown and expanded our capacity to deliver high-end research and extraordinary educational programs. As we near completion of a new building we can already envision what our College will look like when we open the doors in the Spring semester of 2017 – we can visualize the classrooms, labs, offices and study areas. We can see and feel them vibrate with activity.

Our capital expansion will enable our College to grow to 2,000 students, the new facility also serves as a fitting metaphor for where we are 20 years after we first opened our doors. It reflects a story of need and growth, of vision and commitment.
Our College started as the vision of one man, the late Henry M. Rowan, who with his wife Betty donated $100 million to the then Glassboro State College with the stipulation we revitalize engineering education. Proudly, we met and exceeded that goal and we continually strive to fulfill his vision and to exceed the bar he set for us.

Rowan Engineering attracts first-class faculty, having added 20 world-class scholars to our faculty during the last three years. We have expanded our program offerings to meet demands, and our new Ph.D. and Biomedical Engineering programs are thriving. Our enrollment is nearly double what it was five years ago. Our collaborations with government and industry are on the rise, and our sponsored research has more than quadrupled during the last three years. The Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering is truly a college on the rise.

On behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering, I thank you for your interest in our programs, and I invite you to explore all that our programs, our College and our University have to offer.


Anthony M. Lowman, Dean
Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering