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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Engineering Learning Community (and Scholarships!)

The Engineering Learning Community will accept ~65 freshman engineering students into three sections in Fall 2015. It is a first-year program for all engineering majors. Students in the ELC live in the same dorm, take two classes together each of their first two semesters at Rowan, and participate in extracurricular activities. This helps students form bonds with each other and faculty and helps with the transition to college. According to one ELC student

I liked the ELC because you met people right away that were involved in your majors...We helped each other with homework. We had clinic together so we would remind each other about homework assignments.

The common classes ELC students take are required for all engineering majors, ELC students just take them together. They are: Freshman Clinic I & II, Chemistry I, and Introduction to Mechanics. Extracurricular activities range from social to academic, including: Ice cream socials, Meet-and-greets with faculty or Juniors and Seniors, Volleyball, etc. Academic events have included sessions on Academic success strategies, Excel tutorials, Preparing for interviews, and more.

Honors & ELC: Some students want to join both the ELC and Honors programs. ELC and Honors students will live in the same dorm in Fall 2015, Evergreen. This is a good dorm with good commons areas and study rooms. In addition, the Honors program has agreed to count the ELC Freshman Clinic I & II sections as Honors courses. This will make it significantly easier to do both.

The ELC is still accepting applications for Fall 2015; however, new applications are placed on the waiting list. To apply, email a paragraph on why you’d like to join along with your name, major, and home town and state to Professor Jess Everett ( Put the paragraph in the email, not an attachment. Early applicants are more likely to be admitted. Selection starts the second week of April and concludes May 1. Offers are sent to the email address you used to apply, so please monitor that account and respond promptly. You can be admitted to the ELC before paying a Rowan admission deposit, but we expect deposits to be paid by April 27. You are welcome to check the ELC box when you fill out housing forms, but you do not have to if you've applied directly to the ELC. Housing will be notified if are admitted to the ELC.

We will award fifteen $20,000 NSF S-STEM scholarships to ELC students in Fall 2015 ($5,000 per year for four years). To be eligible for the scholarship you must:

Scholarship Update! We've made offers to 15 students. If any of them turn the scholarship down, we will make offers to additional students.

We encourage ALL students to apply to the ELC, with or without financial need. However, if you are seeking an ELC scholarship make sure the Rowan Financial Aid office has your FAFSA information. We cannot award an ELC scholarship without the Financial Aid Office's determination on financial need.


Roommate Requests: ELC students living in Evergreen can request roommates that are assigned to Evergreen (ELC, Honors, and some pre-med and computer science students). If you have a compelling reason to request a roommate not assigned to Evergreen, let us know; we will accommodate it if space allows. Because of the limited number of beds in Evergreen, one ELC section may be housed in another dorm. If that happens, we may be able to accept ALL roommate requests. We are waiting to see the final size of the Honors cohort.

Summer Orientation: When students ask for a particular roommate sometimes it is someone they met during summer orientation. If you are accepted into the ELC we will email you recommended orientation dates, to give you the opportunity to meet other ELC students. However, if you are in Honors, you must go to the Honors orientation.

If you have questions, email Professor Jess Everett (