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The College of Engineering

Faculty & Staff


The engineering faculty and staff are committed to excellence in the teaching and research enterprise. There are 32 faculty members across the 4 engineering departments, including support staff who lend their assistance and expertise to reinforce the unique nature of the Rowan Engineering program. The Engineering Outreach Office is actively engaged in activities leading to partnerships with corporations and entrepreneurs, and assisting students in summer internship and career placement.

Name Title E-mail
Robi Polikar Professor and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Smitesh Bakrania Associate Professor
Melanie Basantis Engineering Outreach Director
Regina Baumgartner Secretary
Krishan Kumar Bhatia Associate Professor
Nidhal Bouaynaya Assistant Professor
Loretta Brewer Secretary
T.R. Chandrupatla Professor
Steven Chin Associate Dean
Douglas Cleary Associate Professor
Eric Constans Associate Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering
Carol Cope Secretary
Kevin Dahm Professor
Joseph A Daraio Assistant Professor
Cherish DiSante Office Assistant
Ralph Dusseau Professor
Karl Dyer Technician
Jess Everett Professor
Stephanie Farrell Associate Professor
Zenaida Gephardt Associate Professor
Mary Gifford Budget Coordinator
Marvin Harris Chemical Processes Technician
Linda Head Associate Professor
Robert Hesketh Professor
Kauser Jahan Professor
Jennifer Kadlowec Professor
Robert Krchnavek Associate Professor
Mario Leone Technician
Charles Linderman Technician
Anthony Lowman Dean
Kaitlin Mallouk Instructor
Philip Mease Technician
Yusuf Mehta Associate Professor
Tom Merrill Associate Professor
Jenahvive Morgan Instructor
Aaron Nolan Technician
Maria Perez-Colon Program Advisor
Bernie Pietrucha Instructor
Ravi Ramachandran Professor
William Riddell Associate Professor
Mariano Savelski Professor and Chair of Chemical Engineering
John Schmalzel Professor
C. Stewart Slater Professor
Mary Staehle Assistant Professor
Joseph F. Stanzione, III Assistant Professor
Beena Sukumaran Professor and Chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Gina (Ying) Tang Professor
Kathy Urbano Secretary
Jennifer Vernengo Assistant Professor
Barbara Wynn Secretary
Hong Zhang Associate Professor