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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Rowan's Introduction for Students to Engineering (RISE) - Online Application


  1. Application must be submitted by May 16, 2014.
  2. All current high school students interested in Engineering are invited to apply.
  3. Seats are limited to a total of 50 person.
  4. Transportation is not provided.
  5. The program cost is $250.00 (includes lunch).
  6. Non-residential camp (no overnight accommodations)


First Name

Last Name




Zip Code


Applicant’s E-mail

Grade entering in upcoming September


School Name

Parent/Guardian Name

Parent/Guardian Email

Parent/Guardian Home Phone

Cell Phone

The following ethnicity information is used for statistical purposes, and is voluntary.

What do you feel are the most important problems facing the world today? What do you think should be done about them? (500 words maximum)


What are your general interests (100 words maximum)

Do you have a hobby? What is it (100 words maximum)

What are your career plans? (100 words maximum)