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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Adjunct Faculty from previous Academic Years

The following is a record of all adjunct faculty hired in chemical engineering since the inception of the engineering program in 1996.

Professor Jesse Van Kirk,
formerly with ExxonMobil

Fluid Mechanics, Freshman Engineering, Process Component Design, Unit Operations, Petroleum Refining Troubleshooting

Dr. John Natoli
formerly with Rohm and Haas

Unit Operations, Material Science, Separation Processes, Chemical Plant Design

Dr. Concetta LaMarca

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Dr. Arthur Etchells
awe3 enterprises, formerly with DuPont

co-taught with
Richard Grenville,

Industrial Process Fluid Mixing

Dr. Ronald Gould

Unit Operations II

Dr. Michael Grady, Marshall Lab DuPont

Unit Operations II, Material Science

Robert Hoffman,
formerly with ICI

Chemical Plant Design, Unit Operations, Process Component Design, Process Safety

Charles Clerecuzio,
Vice President, BioPharmaceuticals, AMEC E&C Services, Inc.

Biopharmaceutical Design and Development

Dr. Kaushik Doshi, PE

Advanced Process Analysis

Dr. Noel Scrivner


Process and Environmental Applications of Aqueous Equilibria

Richard Gutowski, Manufacturing Manager, Johnson Matthey

Industrial Process Pathways

Dr. David Constable,
Director Applied Sustainability Technologies,
GlaxoSmith Kline

Green Chemistry

Ajit Ghorpade
formerly with GlaxoSmith Kline

Biochemical/Pharmaceutical Engineering

Brian Dericks,
formerly with PSE&G

Green Engineering Design

Peter Joyce,
Value Recovery, Inc.

Initiating New R&D Projects: From Conceptual Idea to Organizational Reality

Peter Silverberg
formerly with Chemical Week Associates

Unit Operations and Sophomore Engineering Clinic II

Dr. Richard J. Law,
Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Pennsylvania

Sophomore Engineering Clinic II