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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Adjunct Faculty Listing - Current Academic Year

Adjunct Faculty Listing From Previous Years

The chemcial engineering department utilizes adjunct faculty to supplement the teaching of many of its courses. For example, in the classes of Chemical Plant Design, Unit Operations, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Process Component Design are team taught with an adjunct with extensive industrial experinece and a fulltime faculty member. These adjuncts bring essential industrial experience to the class room. In other courses we have adunct faculty teach evening courses to both undergraduates and graduates in their ares of expertise. These adjuncts are national and world leaders in their fields of expertise.

Professor Jesse Van Kirk,
formerly with ExxonMobil

Fluid Mechanics, Process Component Design

Professor Robert LaCerra
Jacobs Engineering

Process Component Design

Dr. Concetta LaMarca

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Dr. Ronald Gould
formerly with ExxonMobil

Unit Operations, Chemical Reaction Engineering

Dr. Michael Grady


Unit Operations, Fluid Mechanics

Dr. Arthur Etchells
formerly with DuPont


Industrial Process Fluid Mixing

Dr. Richard Grenville
Philadelphia Mixing Solutions


Industrial Process Fluid Mixing

Professor James Grant

Chemical Plant Design