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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Sequence of Courses
Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering Degree Audit


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Indicate Grade for Rowan Course; Transfer Course/Off-campus = TR, Advanced Placement = AP
Indicate General Education courses = GenEd; History, Humanities, Language = HHL1, HHL2; Social & Behavioral Sciences = SBS, Art, Music, Theatre, etc = ART; Multicultural/Global = MG, Literature intensive = LIT, Senior Clinic II = Writing Intensive, WI

First Year
CourseCredits CourseCredits 
Composition I ENGL01.111 3 General Education (___) 3
Accelerated Calculus I MATH 01.140 4 Accelerated Calculus II MATH 01.141 4
Advanced College Chemistry I CHEM06.1054 Advanced College Chemistry II CHEM06.106 4
Fresh. Engineering Clinic I ENGR01.101 2 Fresh. Engineering Clinic II ENG01.102 2

Intro to Sci Prog CS01.104 (3 CR) OR
Comp Sci & Prgm. CS04.103 (4 CR) OR
Intro Prgm CS01.102 (3 CR)

3 Physics I PHYS02.200 4

Second Year
CourseCredits CourseCredits 
Principles Chemical Processes I CHE06.201 2 Principles Chemical Processes II CHE06.302 2
Math for Engineering Anal I MATH01.235 4 Math for Engineering Anal II MATH01.236 4
Biological Systems & Apps BIOL01.210 4 Fluid Mechanics I ENGR01.341 2
Organic Chemistry I CHEM07.200 4 Approved Adv. Chemistry Elective I* 3
Soph. Engineering Clinic I ENGR01.201 4 Soph. Engineering Clinic II ENGR01.202 4

Third Year
CourseCredits  CourseCredits 
Chem. Eng. Thermodyanmics I CHE06.310 3 Chem. Eng Thermodyanmics II CHE06.315 3
Separation Processes I CHE06.312 2 Separation Processes II CHE06.314 4
Process Fluid Transport CHE06.309 2 Chemical Reaction Engineering CHE06.316 4
Heat Transfer Processes I - Heat CHE06.311 2 General Education (____) 3
Junior Engineering Clinic I ENGR01.301 2 Junior Engineering Clinic II ENGR01.302 2
Material Science ENG01.281 2    
Microeconomics ECON04.102



Fourth Year
CourseCredits  CourseCredits 
Chem. Process Component Design CHE06.401 4 Chemical Plant Design CHE06.406 3
Unit Operations Experimental Design & Analysis CHE06.403 2 Unit Operations Lab CHE06.404 2
Approved Adv. Chemistry Elective II 3 Process Dynamics & Control CHE06.405 3
Approved Chemical Engineering Elective I CHE06.___ 3 Approved Chemical Engineering Elective II CHE06.___ 3
Senior Engineering Clinic I ENGR01.401 2 Senior Engineering Clinic II ENGR01.402 2
General Education (____) 3 General Education (____)  

Cumulative GPA:

Notes: *Industrial Organic Chemistry will be scheduled as the default choice.

General Education Checklist