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The College of Engineering - Chemical Engineering

Transfer Student

Hello, Rowan Chemical Engineering usually accepts a small number of transfer students each year into our program. The following links should help you through this process. The normal transfer process requires that a student take 3 additional years at Rowan to graduate.

Rowan Engineering College Transfer Policy This page contains the official transfer requirements

Rowan Course Equivalents These pages are useful to determine the Rowan equivalent courses. All transfer students will be required to take Mathematics for Engineering Analysis II and Advanced College Chemistry II.

5 year plan (2 years at alternate institution and 3 years at Rowan) [Excel Spreadsheet] [PDF]
This is the traditional plan that most transfer students have followed. The additional year is caused by the prospective student missing the 3 chemical engineering core courses required in the sophomore year at Rowan as well as essential math (Mathematics for Engineering Analysis II), chemistry (Advanced College Chemistry II) and other courses.

Course Equivalents: This page lists the course equivalents between Rowan and other New Jersey Institutions.

NJ Transfer Page: This page contains specific courses to help you plan your transfer to Rowan Chemical Engineering. You select the 2 year college that you will attend and then the university that you would like to transfer to after completing 2 years. Then select Engineering - Chemical Engineering - BS and you will see the suggested course at are recommended for you at your 2 year college program.