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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Specialization in Biological Engineering - Chemical Engineering Program Guide


Earning a specialization in biological engineering can be accomplished through a focused selection of junior / senior clinic projects and chemical engineering electives.  There are three basic components to earning a specialization in biological engineering

            A. BIOL 01211 Biology for Chemical Engineers (3 s.h.)

            B. Bio-related Junior / Senior Clinic projects (2 - 4 s.h.)

            C. Bio-related electives from approved list (4 – 6 s.h.)

These three components will guide you towards the 12 s.h. of courses required for the biological engineering specialization. 

Use the Following Table to Track your progress in this specialization:

Course Name

Credit Hours

BIOL 01211 Biology for Chemical Engineers

3 credit Hours

ENGR 01301, ENGR 01302, ENGR 01401, ENGR 01402,  Junior and/or Senior Engineering Clinics (State Project Title and Semester)

Maximum of 4 credit hours

Project Title & Semester:

Project Title & Semester:

Approved Bio-related Electives:  (State course number, title and Semester taken)

4-6 credit hours

Total Hours

12 Credit Hours

The list of approved electives can be found on the following page.

Approved electives - Chemical Engineering

Bioprocess Engineering (3 s.h.) CHE06.462         

Principles of Biomedical Engineering (3 s.h.) CHE06.472  

Principles of Bioseparation Processes (3 s.h.)  CHE06.476

Principles of Food Engineering (3 s.h.) CHE06.482           

Principles of Engineering Exercise Physiology (4 s.h.) CHE06.483

Fundamentals of Controlled Release (3 s.h.) CHE06.484

Membrane Processes (3 s.h.)  CHE06.486