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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Materials Specialization

The requirements for the materials specialization are analogous to the requirements for the biological engineering specialization, in that they include an introductory course, Materials Science, that is required for all chemical engineering students, followed by project work and enrollment in approved electives. 



ChE Materials CHE06.381


Jr/Sr Clinic Materials-related project


ChE or Chemistry Elective – from approved list


Out of Discipline Elective – from approved list




In order to earn the specialization in materials, students must earn four credits by spending at least two of their four semesters of Junior/Senior Engineering Clinic working on materials projects.  These projects can be housed in any of the four engineering disciplines, but must be approved by the Chemical Engineering faculty as having substantial materials content.  Note that students can also fulfill the project requirement through independent study on materials-related projects (Independent Study in Engineering 0901.391).

Students earn the remaining six credits towards the specialization by taking one elective from each of the following lists.  In order to underscore the diverse applications and multidisciplinary nature of materials science, we will require students to take one chemistry or chemical engineering elective, and one materials elective outside of chemical engineering.  Note that a chemistry course can be used to fulfill either requirement, but no one course can be used to fulfill both. 

Approved Materials Electives from ChE or Chemistry                               

CHE06.406               Polymer Processing

CHE06.490               Approved Special Topics Course

              Approved Advanced Topics in Chemistry

Approved Materials Electives from outside Chemical Engineering

CHEM07.405               Introduction to Polymer Chemistry

CHEM07.475               Polymer Synthesis

CHEM07.478               Polymer Characterization

Other Approved Courses