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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Research Areas - Mapping to Faculty

Research Topic Faculty Conducting Research
Biochemical Engineering Staehle, Vernengo, Farrell, Savelski
Biomedical Engineering Staehle, Vernengo
Controlled Release Farrell
Green/Sustainable Engineering Savelski, Farrell, Slater
Electrochemical Engineering Pillay, Hesketh, Farrell
Food Processing Technology Slater, Savelski, Farrell, Hesketh
Kinetic and Mechanistic Modeling of Complex Reaction Systems Dahm, Hesketh
Lean Manufacturing Savelski
Membrane Separations Slater, Farrell, Savelski, Hesketh
Modeling and Processing of High-Performance Polymers, Ballistic Materials Newell
Novel Separation Processes (Supercritical Fluids, Ultrafiltration, Adsorption, Electrodialysis) Slater, Savelski, Farrell, Hesketh, Gephardt
Particle Technology (Crystallization, Fine Particulates and Two Phase Flows) Gephardt, Hesketh, Farrell
Pharmaceutical Engineering Slater, Savelski, Hesketh
Process Design and Optimization Savelski
Reaction Engineering Dahm, Hesketh
Renewable Fuels (Ethanol, Biodiesel) Savelski, Hesketh
Statistical Analysis and Optimization Gephardt