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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering


Sophomore Engineering Clinics

Sophomore Engineering Clinic – I: taken during the Fall semester of the Sophomore year, this class introduces the students to fundamentals of engineering design along with technical and creative writing for presenting and disseminating technical information. Students, again inter-mixed from all four engineering disciplines, work on several design experiments ranging from a bottle rocket to wind turbine to data acquisition and thermal control systems, and them write about their methodologies and findings. The class is team-taught by engineering and writing faculty.

Sophomore Engineering Clinic – II: taken during the Spring semester of the Sophomore year, this class is a continuation from the Fall semester, but this time the emphasis is on oral presen-tation of the findings. This class teaches the art of public speaking in the context of engineering design.

See this video for last year’s Sophomore Clinic teams working on their windturbine design project.