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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering


Hello and welcome to Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Rowan.

It is easy to say that 1996 was a major milestones in our history – after all, we opened our doors that year as a brand new engineering program, with a vision to develop and offer one of the best engineering programs that is imminently relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s engineering profession. We created an innovative program that is based on project-based and hands-on learning, with every class featuring real-world project-based laboratory components along with the hallmark of our program, the Engineering Clinics. It is no wonder that our graduates – despite the young age of our program – are sought after, with over 95% of our graduates being placed in a job or a graduate school, many of whom long before graduation.

But I would like to talk about a different milestone today. In another ten or fifteen years, I have no doubt that we will look back at the 2013-2015 period as another turning point in our history. These are exciting times for us, both at the department, college and at university level. At the department level, we just embarked on a new hiring program that will bring the best and the brightest of teachers and scholars into Rowan ECE. At the college level - in no small part due to tremendous interest and growth in our enrollment – we will be breaking ground for a brand new building that will more than double our current size. We will also be welcoming the inaugurating class of our new Biomedical Engineering pro-gram, which will be closely integrated with the Electrical and Computer Engineering program. And, at the institutional level, the State of New Jersey recently designated Rowan as a comprehensive research university, allowing us to start new graduate programs and attract world-renowned scholars.

While we are growing both in size and focus areas, we are more dedicated to our original mission than ever: to provide the best engineering education that will produce agile, proficient and competent technologists, successful in solving not only today’s but also tomorrow’s evolving and emerging engineering needs and challenges. We do so by not comprising from our educational principles – by keeping our class sizes small (our average class size is 15-25 students), by hiring new, dedicated and student centered faculty, by assigning an ECE faculty advisor to each student who track their progress, by maintaining top-notch and cutting edge laboratory facilities with all calibrated instruments , and by keeping our curriculum and projects always modern, always up-to-date.

If you are a prospective student trying to decide on the right program for you, if you are a parent trying to help your child in making that decision, if you are business owner or an industry representative wanting to find out whether our faculty can help you solve your engineering problems, I invite you to find out more about us - not just by looking at our webpage, but more importantly visiting us. Feel free to contact me at (856) 256-5372 (or by e-mail at or any one of our faculty members to find out more. We are extremely excited about our program, about our future, and we cannot wait to share that with you.

Robi Polikar, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair