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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering – Electrical & Computer Engineering


ECE Facilities & Capabilities

ECE Facilities - Research Labs

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ECE Facilities - Teaching Labs

At Rowan ECE we provide cutting edge facilities and equipment to our students. And students do not wait until senior year or until they become graduate students to use top-of-the-line and modern equipment and instrumentation. How quickly do you get to learn and use them? How about day 1? You will take at least two classes, Digital I and Freshman Engineering Clinic I during your first Fall semester, both of which will introduce you to some very cool equipment. Of course, one of the perks of being an ECE is that you get to play with really cool “toys.”

Furthermore, we believe that reliability in measurements is of paramount importance in ECE, and therefore - unlike most EE and CE programs - Rowan ECE program calibrates all of its in-strumentation and measurement equipment every year.

Rowan Hall 201/202 – Signals, Systems and Music Lab

This lab provides 10 identically configured workstations, featuring a (dual-bootable) iMac loaded with software for audio and signal analysis, signal generators, digital multimeters, and key-boards. The lab allows students to understand fundamentals of signal processing through an application with which we are all intimately familiar: audio. The lab also features a full-size audio mixer.

Rowan Hall 204/205 – Mixed Signals, Circuits and Telecommunications Lab

Used for circuits, electronics and telecommunications classes, this lab features 10 workstations each equipped with high-end PC, a high frequency signal generator, two arbitrary function generators, digital multimeter, power supply and a high-frequency, high bandwidth oscilloscopes. In addition, this lab houses two high end network analyzers as well as a spectrum analyzer for electromagnetics, communications, and RF electronics courses.

Rowan Hall 237/238 – Digital Systems Lab

Used primarily for the computer engineering part of our curriculum, digital systems lab feature 11 identically equipped workstations featuring brand new computers each with two wide screen monitors (one of which is commonly used in portrait form to help long lines of code), FPGA design, development and simulation kits. This lab also houses our rapid-prototyping facility which includes a fully automated and computer aided pick-and-place machine, a manual pick-and-place machine, a stencil, and an oven.

Integrated Lab / Lecture Halls

A unique feature or ECE labs is that they provide a combined lab/lecture environment, allowing a seamless integration of lecture, experimentation and collaboration.

ECE Capabilities - Software Resources

Rowan University has recently partnered with Cadence Design Systems, all information about this program can be found at our Cadence University Program website.


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