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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Junior/Senior Clinic

In the final four semesters of a student's undergraduate career, the Clinics continue with their format of multidisciplinary teamwork with the added dimensions of year-long projects and the organization of Junior- and Senior-level students into teams of 3-5 students. Each team works closely with two professors (usually from two disciplines) who act as Project Managers to guide the team. In Mechanical Engineering our mantra for the Junior/Senior Clinic is "Design, Build, Test". Junior/Senior Clinic projects have been inspired by a mix of industry-sponsored activities and professors' interests, and typically center around a technical problem, product or process. Funding for the projects has come mainly from both government and private sources in the form of industry and research grant sponsorship. In addition to faculty sponsored projects, students are invited each semester to submit proposals to develop their own original inventions through our innovative Venture Capital Fund. Funding of up to $2500 per semester is available for each product development team.