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Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Sophomore Clinic

In the sophomore year, the Clinic's emphases shift to technical communications skills and the application of design. The students are organized into "corporations" that design and build products using advanced engineering tools, and they develop speaking and writing skills through embedded assignments. Past projects have included nondestructive, electromechanical devices for crack detection in aircraft skins, guitar special-effects pedals, and a baseball stadium. Sophomore Clinic is team-taught by faculty from all four engineering disciplines and from Communication Studies and Writing Arts. We acquired partial funding from the NSF in 1995 for a rapid prototyping stereolithography system, an Actua 3-D modeler and a Quick Circuit circuit prototyper. In 2000, we received an additional NSF grant with Rowan's Physics and Music departments to build the Creative Audio Technology Environment, a laboratory dedicated to rapid development of audio-based products.