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B.A. in Health and Exercise Science: Health Promotion and Wellness Management

Choosing a Minor: Benefits and Options

The HPFM specialization curriculum requires students to take 121 semester hours.  If a student is willing to take summer courses and/or an extra course for a few semesters, it is possible to obtain a minor as well.  The benefit of pursuing a minor is that it provides an additional expertise in an area related to HPFM.  This can make the student more “marketable” when finding a job or applying to graduate school.  It can also help the student determine the direction in which he or she will pursue a career.  Some suggested minors are described in this section.

Business Administration
The Minor in Business is a program of study serving two groups of students in non-business majors. The first group are those who wish to reinforce their employment credentials by taking several business courses.  A Minor in Business provides students with a strong and credible program.  Many large corporations recognize the importance of a strong background in the liberal arts and sciences.  In addition, these corporations look for entry level business skills.  The Minor in Business provides these skills. The second group of students are those who plan to do graduate work in Business. Many students find they can enhance their promotion opportunities with an advanced degree in Business.  Some students choose the Minor in Business realizing that the minor contains courses which many colleges require for their MBA programs. Contact the College of Business at 856.256.4025 for more information.

Computer Science
Computer Science deals with data structures, algorithms, problem-solving techniques, programming languages, software engineering and the architecture of modern digital computer systems. The rapid rise in computer usage has led to a corresponding increase in the need for people to work in computer related positions. The Minor in Computer Science will help students prepare to make effective use of computers in their careers. It is expected to be particularly attractive to students from engineering, business administration, education, the social sciences and the life and physical sciences. Contact the Computer Science Department at 856.256.4805 for more information.

The Psychology minor is designed to allow students from other majors to choose courses that will further their career goals.  HPFM students interested in counseling, stress management, mental health and/or health behavior change might particularly benefit from this minor. The psychology department at Rowan University offers a 21 credit hour minor in psychology. This program is designed for students desiring a substantial background in psychology while majoring in another field. The minor is designed to allow students the flexibility to choose courses that will further their career goals. Contact the Psychology Department at 856.256.4870 for more information.

Spanish as a first or only language is increasing among the U.S. population.  Public health professionals in certain geographical areas and/or working with Spanish-speaking populations will find it an asset to be able to speak Spanish.  Fluency is also necessary for those wishing to work in international health.  It provides a general background for future professional studies and advanced degrees in Spanish and/or work in a wide variety of fields, such as social, administrative, and governmental work, as well as international business. The Spanish Minor may be officially declared at the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department. Contact the Foreign Languages Department at 856.256.4070 for more information.

Speech Communication
This minor provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to design, deliver, analyze and critique effective presentations.  You must meet with the Communication Studies chairperson to enroll in the minor before completing the courses.  Coursework includes Public Speaking, Interpersonal Skills and four additional upper-level speech courses from a bank of electives.  Contact the College of Communication at 856.256.4340 for more information.

For students with an interest in group exercise as an area of expertise, the Dance minor can be beneficial.  Learn more about movement, choreography, rhythm and music through these courses.  Requirements include 18-24 semester hours of class, including Elements of Dance, and a selection of technique courses and theory courses.  Contact the Theatre and Dance Department, 856.256.4030 for more information.

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