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School of Health Professions



Student Clubs & Organizations

Athletic Training Club

The Athletic Training Club will provide a forum for students to meet and discuss topics related to the profession while also raising awareness on campus about the profession.

Student Contact: Shannon Steelman

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rob Sterner

Health and Excercise Science Club

This organization is dedicated to offering professional development in a variety of ways to all students in the Health and Exercise Science programs at Rowan University.

Student Contact: Maxwell Rambow

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Peter Rattigan

National Wellness Institute - Rowan Chapter

Our club aims to provide those in health promotion and wellness professions with resources and services to advance their professional and personal growth.

Student Contact: Elizabeth Walz

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Leslie Spencer

Women's Physique Club

We are a sports club that is dedicated to promoting healthy body image across campus and encourage everyone to pursue their health and fitness related goals including personal development, nutrition, weight training and physique.

Student Contact: Morgan McCann

Faculty Advisor: