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Rowan University Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity

Rowan University

Federal Monitor

In December of 2005, the Board of Trustees of UMDNJ entered into a Deferred Prosecution Agreement with United States Attorney Christopher Christie. As part of this agreement a Federal Monitor, Judge Herbert Stern, was appointed to provide necessary oversight of key aspects of the University's operations. As a result of the work of the Federal Monitor's office, as series of public reports were issued, copies of which can be accessed below.

After two years, the US Attorney determined that sufficient systemic changes had occurred across UMDNJ, such that the DPA was no longer necessary. In December of 2007, a letter outlining his recommendations was forwarded to the leadership of the University, and the monitorship ended effective December 31, 2007.

Ethics Helpline
Telephone: 855-431-9967


Available Downloads

Final Report: January 3, 2008 (PDF:962KB)

Interim Report: September 24, 2007 (PDF:446KB)

Quarterly Report: June 7, 2007 (PDF:747KB)

Quarterly Report Exhibits: June 7, 2007 (PDF:7.24MB)

End of the Year Report: January 15, 2007 (PDF:1.73MB)

End of the Year Report Exhibits: January 15, 2007 (PDF:680KB)

Memo from Interim President Vladeck re: part-time cardiology faculty (PDF:677KB)

Interim Report: November 13, 2006 (PDF:22MB)

Interim Report: September 18, 2006 (PDF:455KB)

Second Quarterly Report, July 20, 2006 (PDF:1.61MB)

Second Quarterly Report, Exhibit 1-9, July 20, 2006 (PDF:5.43MB)

Second Quarterly Report, Exhibit 10-14, July 20, 2006 (PDF:1.29MB)

July 17, 2006: Letter on Presidential Search (PDF:241.1KB)

June 15, 2006: Letter on Presidential Search (PDF:121KB)

Interim Report: June 5, 2006 (PDF:5.52MB)

April 24, 2006: Press Release Concerning Public Release of the UMDNJ Monitor's Interim Report (PDF:9KB)

Interim Report: April 24, 2006 (PDF:1.21MB)

Interim Report Exhibits: April 24, 2006 (PDF:15.2MB)

First Quarterly Report (PDF:2.76MB)

First Quarterly Report Exhibits (PDF:3.20MB)

Monitor Initial Information Requests (PDF:144KB)

36.8 Million State Appropriation Discovery (PDF:238KB)

UMDNJ Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA)

RowanSOM Corporate Integrity Agreement 2013 (CIA)