Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Calendar of Events

Date/Time Location Event Title
October 2th CMSRU C.A.M.P./Hematology Presentation
October 12th CMSRU JUMP High Academy
October 16th CMSRU C.A.M.P./Oncology Presentation
October 30th CMSRU C.A.M.P./Infectious Disease Presentation
November 13th CMSRU C.A.M.P./SMS Presentation
November 23rd CMSRU JUMP High Academy
December 4th CMSRU C.A.M.P./Microbiology Presentation
December 14th CMSRU JUMP High Academy
December 18th CMSRU C.A.M.P./Surgical Skills Presentation


For further information on the events listed above please contact our office at: 856-361-2818.