Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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Volunteerism is an integral part of the culture on the CMSRU campus.

Community & Social Health: Service Learning

Service to the community is a core component of CMSRU’s mission and an integral part of the culture on our campus. All CMSRU students are required to engage in a minimum of 40 hours of service each academic year in community-based projects that support residents of Camden. This commitment not only reflects what we believe is a professional responsibility of those in medicine, but also, our belief that the community has much to teach students about what it means to provide compassionate, empathic, and high quality health care.

By spending time in neighborhood sites and engaging with Camden residents, CMSRU students directly observe and analyze social conditions and qualities of individual and community environments that can potentially drive behaviors and influence health status, health maintenance, treatment, and healing. As service learning, all students participate in small group discussion sessions and complete reflections essays to consider their community experiences as they develop their personal approach to healthcare delivery, spending time in the Cooper Rowan Clinic (the student-run free primary care clinic), as well as their clinical rotations in the inpatient and outpatient settings.

As the landscape of the healthcare delivery system continues to evolve and change, we believe that addressing social determinants of health is increasingly vital in the delivery of effective care services. This component of the CMSRU curriculum is designed to not only train students on the variance and effects of these characteristics, but also to prepare students to uphold the commitment to service, advocacy, and excellence of care to vulnerable patients and communities.

Current CMSRU service learning program fall under the following service domains:

• Health/Social Outreach
• Tutoring/Student Mentoring
• Community Engagement
• Youth Activity/Fitness

Health/ Social Outreach

Cathedral Kitchen
A monthly opportunity for CMSRU students and staff to support Cathedral Kitchen's evening meal service to working families in Camden and others challenged with food insecurity.

Cooper Social Outreach
Students work and learn directly from social work staff at Cooper Hospital, then serve as care coordinators in the Cooper Rowan Clinic.

ESL Class at Center for Family Services
Teaching English as a Second Language to Spanish-speaking Camden residents with limited or basic English ability.

Sidekicks at CMSRU
Students are paired with a pediatric patients with life threatening or chronic health conditions to build relationships with their patient and support family members as they continuously seek treatment for their health conditions.

Street Medicine Outreach
Meeting weekly, this group ventures to various parts of Camden to provide basic necessities, social connection, and support to men and women who live on the street.

Volunteers have the opportunity to spend time on the pediatric unit each evening to be with hospitalized children who are alone.

Tutoring/ Student Mentoring

CAMP (Cooper After-School Mentoring Program)
Pairs CMSRU students with local college bound high school students to provide academic support and individualized mentorship as they manage the application process.

Science on Saturdays: Upward Bound for English Language Learners
Primary Urban Partnership (PUP) at Wiggins Elementary School
Primary Urban Partnership (PUP) at ECO Charter School
JUMP High Academy
Tutor Time
Brimm Medical Arts High School
Kids' Alley

Community Engagement

Camden Green and Clean
Cooper Sprouts Community Garden

Youth Activity/ Wellness

Camden Youth Soccer Club (CYSC)
Steve's Club: Heart of Camden
Girls on the Run
Cooper Youth Arts Program (YAP)
Run It!