Cooper Medical School of Rowan Univerisity
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The CMSRU Leadership Team.

Selection Criteria

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University seeks students who resonate with our mission, who have demonstrated academic excellence, and who possess the personal attributes required of physicians. We are committed to selecting students who have developed personal and professional integrity, the potential for professional medical competence, the ability to deliver compassionate care, a passion for lifelong learning. Intellectual curiosity, educational excellence, ethical conduct, understanding of medicine as both an art and a science, open-mindedness and tolerance, and a service orientation to the community will be valued very highly by our selection committee. Student selection is not influenced by political or financial factors.


Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents, and are required to complete a bachelor’s degree at an accredited U.S. or Canadian four year institution prior to enrollment in the MD Program. Specific required and recommended course work is shown below. An AMCAS application is required, and MCAT scores must be submitted through AMCAS.  Test scores should be no more than 3 years old.  Only the highest composite MCAT score will be considered.  The Admissions Committee will not compile a new “composite” by considering highest individual sections of the exam.

Suggested Course Work

Applicants to CMSRU should take the following courses from an accredited college or university in the United States. AP/IB credit will not be accepted for these courses.

Required Courses

Biology (any 2 courses with lab) 2 semesters/8 credits
Chemistry (any 2 courses with lab) 2 semesters/8 credits
English Composition 1 semester/3 credits

Recommended Courses **

Physics (with lab) 2 semesters/8 credits
Behavioral Science 1 semester/3 credits
Ethics 1 semester/3 credits
Biostatistics 1 semester/3 credits
Humanities 2 semesters/6 credits
Biochemistry 1 semester/3 credits
Spanish 2 semesters/6 credits

We encourage students to take a broad array of courses as undergraduates. Required courses must be completed prior to matriculation at CMSRU.  Recommended courses will enhance an applicant’s preparedness for the curricular and clinical aspects of medical school at CMSRU, but are not used to rank applicants during the selection process.

CMSRU is seeking a diverse student body that will add value to our school and enhance the education of all class members. This may include groups underrepresented in medicine, first generation college graduates, students raised in Camden, individuals with unique service experiences, and those who may be financially disadvantaged.

The criteria used to determine who will be invited for an interview include, but are not limited to the following:

We have designed our application process to ensure that individuals who desire to learn medicine at CMSRU will have a fair, exhaustive, and holistic review of all materials submitted.