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Facilities & Operations

Rowan University

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Facilities Services provides a wide array of services
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This page contains answers to many frequently asked Facilities-related questions. We’ve divided the list into categories to help you find the information you’re looking for. 



Capital Projects


Sustainability and recycling


General Info

Emergency Info
What is an emergency?
An emergency, among other things can be a power outage, no heat or air conditioning, a gas smell or a large water leak and should be called in to your building manager to be reported to ext. 4650.
What is not an emergency?
A light bulb out in your office, your room is a little too warm or too cold or a small leak. These should be put in as a service request through the Facilities work order system as with many other non-emergencies. 


How do I find maps of Rowan buildings on campus and at off-campus sites?
Please refer to these pages: Rowan University Maps & Directions

How to I retrieve building prints?
Building prints are located on the Floor Plans page for employees of Rowan University.
How do I get a list of all Rowan University Buildings?
Building Coordinators


How do I report a problem?
Put a request into RowanWorks or for emergencies call your building manager to report it to customer service 256-4650

How do I submit a Facilities Service Request?
A Request can be put in RowanWorks

How do I get help with a building’s heat or air conditioning?
A Request can be put in RowanWorks for temperature control or no air conditioning and for no heat emergencies please call Customer Service at 256-4650 for assistance

HouseKeeping Top of Page

How do I arrange to have desks or podiums cleaned?
Housekeeping services maintains podiums and desks and be contacted at

What if I have a housekeeping issue?
Explain the problem in an e-mail to for office or academic buildings only.

What if my trash has not been picked up?
Consider absences or the weather, many times housekeeping is pulled to do water clean-up or snow removal and if that is not the problem e-mail

How do I get a recycling can for my office?
Request one at

Lock or Key

What if I forget my keys or lock myself out of my office or classroom?
Call Public Safety at ext. 4922 to let you in.

What if I need a key made for my office or classroom?
Fill out the Key Request form on the facilities web site and fax it to ext. 4923.

TV or Phone

What if I have a problem with my cable for Television?
Call Res Life at ext. 4266.

What if I have a problem with my telephone or the internet?
Call Network & System Services at ext. 4400.


Capital Projects Top of Page

What is the difference between “maintenance” and a “capital project”?
The difference between the two is that anything that requires the upkeep of an existing building component would be Maintenance, the alteration or construction of a building component would be Capital

Does Rowan have design standards?
Yes, please refer to our FP&C Design Standards.

How do I request a project?
You would fill out a project request form signed by your department head and forward it the University Engineer in Linden Hall.

How do I find current requests for proposals (RFPs)?
See Procurement and/or Facilities Planning & Construction

How do I arrange for renovations to my office or building?
This process is outlined on “renovations”  in Capital Planning

How do I get more information about construction on campus?
Facilities Planning & Construction link will contain a wealth of construction information.

How do I access construction projects drawings?
Please see Procurement Website for details

How do I get more information about stormwater control?
A Facility Planning & Construction services manages stormwater control.

Engineering Services Top of Page

How do I know if my project requires a construction permit?
Permitted work is defined by the NJ edition of the Uniform Construction Code.  Permitted work is not considered ordinary maintenance, which will most likely add additional time to completing your request.  
If your project requires a permit it will have to pass through the FP&C department by completing a Project Request form and submitting to
If any doubt, please feel free to ask.

What is Co-Gen?
Also referred to as a combined heat and power producer.  Rowan has a central steam/chilled water/and power plant where our two (2) co-gen units are installed, located adjacent to Winans Hall.  They provide a total of 4.7 megawatts of power output at 12,470 Volts and parallel our Atlantic City Electric feed to reduce our utility bills. 
How it works: Outside air is compressed and ignited using a fuel source, typically natural gas under normal conditions, to create superheated air that causes a turbine to rotate. The exhausted heat passes through a water boiler to create steam.  The steam can be used by our absorption chiller for cooling or distributed throughout the campus for heat and domestic hot water.  It is the rotating shaft spinning through a fixed generator that produces power used by the campus.  Our peak campus power consumption is approximately 5 megawatts.  We basically get free power as a byproduct of our need for steam.


Sustainability and recycling Top of Page
How do I learn more about recycling on campus?
Please refer to RU Green

How do I get a recycling can for my office?
Request one at

How do I learn more about sustainability on campus?
The RU Green describes and links to related news, iniatives, and programs

How so I learn more about LEED buildings on campus?
LEED initiatives are summarized in this sustainability page