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AFT Local Agreements

The following documents include specific information for academic personnel, including faculty, who wish to learn more about contractual agreements, policies and/or procedures related to such topics as recruitment, appointment, recontracting and tenure, performance-based promotion, intellectual property and more. An application for promotion is available on this site.

The documents listed below are available in a printable Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you are not familiar with downloading such documents, please visit our instructions on viewing and printing PDF documents.

Faculty Downloads -

Promotion Materials

- Promotion Agreement 2016-2017
Forms - Updated September 28, 2016

- Form 2 - Relative Weights of Areas of Evaluation for Promotion

- Form 3 - College/Department/Office Promotion Committee Recommendation Form

-Form 5 Promotion Application Cover

-Form 6 Promotion Checklist Form

-Form 7 External Reviewer Conflicts of Interest

- Form 8 Evaluative Criteria Sheet

- Form 9 Courses Taught and Adjusted Load

Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
-Memorandum of Agreement 2012-2013

Tenure and Recontracting
Tenure and Recontracting MOA 2016-2017 - updated September 19 2016

UPDATED 9-28-16

Form 8 Evaluative Criteria Sheet

Form 9 Courses Taught and Adjusted Load

Form 10 Recontracting Application Resume

Form 11 Department Recontracting Recommendation Form

One of these forms is applicable:

Form 12 Recontracting Checklist hired after 071414

Form 13 Recontracting Checklist hired before 071414

Form 14 Recontracting Checklist for Prof Staff and Coaches


Form 4 TR Relative Weights Form

Form 1 Student Response Signature Form

Tenure & Recontracting Chairperson - Rick Dammers (
For additional information and help:
Check out a Prezi Presentation of the T&R process, valuable information, and tips for departments and candidates.

Click the following link link -

Sabbatical Leave - 2016-17

Form 15 Sabbatical Dean Notice and Impact

FORM 16 Sabbatical Leave Department Evaluation

Form 17 Sabbatical Leave Cover Sheet

Career Development
- Career Development 2013-2015 - Updated

Professional Development Grant

Professional Development Grant Program FY2016-2017 MOA - New

Merit Based Range Adjustment Program
- Guidelines for Merit-Based Range Adjustment Program-Faculty

Faculty Workload
- Faculty Workload Adjustment
- Alternative Period for Faculty Workload Agreement

Summer and Overload Courses
- Summer Program Model Academic Year 2011
- Summer Load Assignments
- Distribution of Summer and Overload Courses
- Priority Consideration for Summer and Overload Courses

Additional Documents
- Additional Academic Service
- Release and Promise Not to Sue - Statement of Understanding and Agreement Regarding Student Participation in Off-Campus Activities
- Professional Development Grant Procedures - FY 2014
- Adjunct Faculty Memorandum of Understanding 2009-2010
- Large Course Format Agreement - January 2013

- Faculty and Professional Staff Handbook 2012-2013

Professional Staff Downloads

Tenure and Recontracting
MOA Multi-Year Appointment and Reappointment AFT Professional Staff FY 2016-2017

Form 18 Evaluation of Professional Staff in the Unit

Form 19 Individual Self Assessment Statement PS in Unit

- Faculty and Professional Staff Handbook 2012-2013

Career Development
- Career Development 2013-2015

Professional Development
- FY2014-2015 MOA Professional Development Grant Program

No Limit Agreement
- No Limit Agreement

Contract Review
- Multi Year Contract Review - Professional Staff FY 2015-2016

Intellectual Property
- Intellectual Property Policy Agreement

- Professional Staff Promotion Procedures - In Unit Process and Procedures
- Guidelines for Performance-Based Promotions for Professional Staff

Librarian Downloads

Tenure and Recontracting
- Tenure and Recontracting MOA 2015-2016

- Librarian Promotion Agreement 2014-2015
- Application for Librarian Promotion

Career Development
- Career Development 2013-2015

Grants Downloads

- Rowan University Research Awards 2009

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Instructions for Viewing and Printing PDF Documents

To view and print out the documents you will need the free Acrobat Reader software available at the Adobe Web site. You will be able to download the software for Macintosh, PC and UNIX platforms. Once you have downloaded and installed the software and restarted your browser application, you can view the PDF files by clicking on the links above.

Once the pages have finished downloading, select PRINT from the FILE menu at the top of the browser window.