University Registrar

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
8:00 - 6:00 pm (Fall and Spring)

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Staff Directory

Martha Aderinto
Assistant University Registrar for Academic Administration, Curriculum Implementation, Registration and Customer Care

Ellen Alford, Credential Evaluator

James Beury, Credential Evaluator

Academic Curriculum Coordinator

Bonnie Dube
Transfer Credit Evaluation & Degree Audit Assistant
856.256.4500 x3431

Muriel A.J. Frierson
University Registrar

Denise Harper
Verification, Leaves, & Grading Officer

Cheri James
Assistant University Registrar, Graduation, Degree Clearance, Information Services & Reporting

Kathleen Johnston
Assistant University Registrar for Automated Administrative Services (Degree Audit)

Jill Lewellen
Quality Assurance Officer, Transfer Credit Evaluation
856.256.4500 x3428

Kathleen McGinnis
Customer Support Service

Stacey Mulligan
Graduation Officer, Professional Document Procurement
856. 256-4375

Diane Previti
Associate University Registrar, Technology and Systems Architecture

Miaika Roland
Credential Evaluator, Transfer Credit Analysis
856.256.4500 x3078

Migdalia Turner
Customer Support Service