Public Safety
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The Preliminary Rowan University Hazard Mitigation Plan Appendix is available for public review and comment. Follow the HMP

If anyone is interested in the on-going update of the hazard mitigation plan should review the website and use the “Contact Us" feature on the website if they have any questions or comments.

EMS Services

Rowan University Emergency Medical Services provides 24 hour, 7-day-a-week emergency care to the students, faculty and visitors of the Rowan campus. The mostly all student organization is open to all members of the university community and is completely volunteer. Come join a group of the most dedicated, caring people on the Rowan campus!

Can I join with NO previous experience??

Absolutely!! Even if you have no prior emergency experience, Rowan EMS is the perfect place to start! We will train you in CPR and first-aid, and assist you with the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class in any way we can. Our squad is small, so you can have individualized attention, and not be overwhelmed by this exciting new field. Even if you have EMS experience, REMS allows for experienced members to gain officer positions quickly and be able to make important decisions that affect the school as a whole.

What exactly does the squad do?

Rowan EMS provides emergency care to the university around the clock during the regular school year. The squad responds to diabetic emergencies, cardiac emergencies, and pregnancies as well as injuries from sports and for students who just "aren't feeling well". In addition to emergencies, we provide transport back from the hospital if needed, as well as standing by for all home soccer and football games.

What will the benefits be?

The benefits of joining Rowan EMS are numerous. Knowing that you make a difference in someone's time of need is quite a gratifying experience. Someone calls for you because of something traumatic in their lives, if it's illness or injury, and you can help calm and reassure them that they will be okay. Also, the knowledge and skills learned through EMS training goes far beyond your years here at Rowan. EMS can be an extremely stressful field. Learning how to literally make life and decisions under extreme pressure teaches you to stay calm in nearly all situations. You learn how to work well with others on the squad, and also with patients who aren't always cooperative with you.

Finally, you can know that you will be making a difference to this campus, as well as a difference in your life.

How do I Join?

You can pick up an application to the squad at the Student Health Center, or you can call the Squad Office at (856) 256-4292. An officer will return your call as soon as possible and get you started right away! Once you are a member, we will work with you to determine the hours that would be most beneficial to us and to you. Don't forget, commuters are welcome too! Put in as much time as you want! We're flexible!

Come join one of the most fulfilling and gratifying organizations available to you on this campus. The difference you can make in yourself and to the students will follow you for a lifetime. Help us help your community here at Rowan!!

Numbers to Note!!

Public Safety Emergency Number: 256-4911
Public Safety Non-emergency Number: 256-4922
Student Health Center: 256-4333
Rowan EMS Squad Office: 256-4292
Environmental Health and Safety/EMS: 256-4567