Rowan University at Camden

The Pathway Program for U.S. Permanent Residents

Students applying to Rowan University at Camden through the EOF Program, and who are non-native English speakers in need of additional academic English coursework may be eligible for the Pathway Program.

The Pathway Program allows students conditional admission into the University through the EOF and IELP Programs. Students will take credit-bearing classes in the IELP in the morning and regular university classes in the afternoon.

Review the admission requirements below to see if you are eligible to matriculate into Rowan University through the Pathway Program.

Minimum Admission Requirements:

  • A completed university application
  • A completed EOF application
  • A statement of purpose essay
  • A minimum SAT combined verbal and math score of 600
  • A minimum 2.5 GPA from high school (students with high school degrees from countries other than the United States must provide an English translation of their high school transcript)
  • Teacher/counselor recommendations
  • Eligibility to the Rowan at Camden EOF Program
  • Placement into Level 4 or 5 on Rowan University IELP placement test 

For more information about the Pathway Program for U.S. Permanent Residents, contact: Jacqueline McCafferty or Jay Tran

Exiting from the Pathway Program
Students matriculating to Rowan University through the Pathway Program must successfully complete the IELP Program (through level 5) in order to continue their studies at Rowan University.
Successful completion of the IELP is determined by the following:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 while in the Pathway Program
  • Minimum score on the Pathway Program language proficiency test
  • Placement into the university’s first year writing program as determined by the evaluation of the student’s academic writing portfolio by IELP and Writing Arts faculty
  • Adherence to the IELP and university attendance policy
  • Adherence to the university academic integrity policy

Matriculated Permanent Residents/Citizens and Financial Aid
Permanent Residents and Citizens who are eligible for financial aid must take a minimum of 12 credits to remain in full-time status and receive financial aid (9 credits in IELP and 3 or more credits of regular university classes).


For more information, please contact:
Jay Tran
Assistant Director, English Language Programs