Academic Advising

Advising in the Rohrer College of Business

Students in the RCOB with up to 59 credit hours are advised by one full-time employee under the direction and supervision of the business dean. In addition, transfer course allocations and the processing of internal change of majors are performed by this advisor to ensure consistency, uniformity, fairness, and equity in the application of course criteria and requirements as well as in the actual advising sessions. Contact with freshman students begins at freshman orientation, with follow up through visits to the freshman Rowan Seminars further establishing the advisor-advisee relationship.

Transfer students may make advising appointments immediately upon depositing and may also attend transfer orientations. Students with 60 or more credit hours are assigned a faculty advisor within their major. In 2010, the college hired the first full-time MBA Director in order to increase the level of service and advising for an increasing number of graduate students. Previously, the MBA Director was a faculty member responsible for both the program and a reduced teaching load. As of Spring 2013, students may make appointments with their advisor using the Rowan Success Network, powered by Starfish.

The Rowan Success Network, or RSN, is designed to identify students as early as possible who are at risk of not graduating and provide them with appropriate resources and to more easily connect students with their advisors. In addition to the RSN, students have access to the GRAD (Graduation Requirements and Advising Database) program. Students find this under Self-Service and can use this tool to keep track of which requirements they have and which they still need in order to graduate. Students may also plan out the courses they plan to take to make sure they stay on track for graduation. GRAD also allows students to see how their curriculum would change were they to switch to a new major.

Your academic success is important to us. This communication system makes it easier for you to receive ongoing feedback about your academic progress. Our goal is to make it easier for you to connect with the resources you need to achieve success.

Graduation Requirements and Advising Database (GRAD) is the online graduation requirements tracking tool available via Banner Self Service that allows students and advisors to view academic progress at any time

With your Rowan Banner number and PIN you can update or view your personal information, subscribe to the Rowan Alert system and access secure services, including registering for classes, viewing your unofficial transcript and applying for financial aid.