Freshman Admission Requirements

The Admissions Office carefully considers each application it receives and selects candidates who will be academically successful, contribute to student life and benefit most from the Rowan experience. Admission decisions are based on the strength and quality of your high school record, SAT or ACT scores, class rank, letters of recommendation and projected ability to complete a degree program.

Extracurricular activities and employment experiences are also considered.

An interview is not required except in early admission decisions (students wishing to enter after their junior year of high school).

You must submit your SAT (or ACT) scores as part of your application. The CEEB code for Rowan is 2515.

High School Preparation

You must have completed a minimum of 16 college preparatory units in high school. Two years of foreign language study are strongly recommended. You can improve your chances for admission by selecting challenging academic courses and taking more than the 16-unit requirement. Courses in accounting, fine arts and computer processing are not considered academic units and do not count towards the 16-unit requirement. Your high school curriculum should include (at minimum) the following:

  • 4 units - English
  • 2 units - Laboratory Science*
  • 3 units -College Prep Mathematics* (Algebra I and II, and Geometry)
  • 2 units - Social Studies
  • 5 units - Additional work in at least two of the following: History, Languages (minimum 2 units in one language), Mathematics, Science or English

* Engineering applicants should have 3 units of laboratory science including physics and chemistry and 4 units of college prep math including precalculus. Calculus is strongly recommended.

Transfer Student Admissions Requirements

Admission to Rowan University as a transfer student is competitive. Any applicant who has completed 12 or more college credits at another institution is considered a transfer student. Students seeking a second bachelor's degree are also considered transfer students, whether they graduated from Rowan or another institution.

Most programs require a minimum 2.0 GPA for admission. However, a 2.0 GPA does not guarantee admission due to competition for available openings. Students currently enrolled in a New Jersey community college should complete their associate's degree. Transfer applicants with less than 24 credits completed at the time of application must submit their high school transcript and SAT scores. These applicants are evaluated using the freshman admission standards and college transcripts. Admission decisions for transfer applicants who've attended college more than five years ago are based on motivation, life experiences, career advancement and college transcripts.

Transfer students offered admission will receive a credit evaluation by the registrar and the academic department. Once that evaluation is completed, an advisor will answer questions about transferring credits from another institution to the University. Application and financial aid deadlines for transfer students are the same as freshmen application deadlines. If your college sends electronic transcripts using PDF format, please have them sent to

Home-Schooled Admission Requirements

At Rowan University we welcome applications from home-schooled students. Home-schooled students should submit the materials listed below. Please note that home-schooled students must have completed the 16 college-preparatory units required of all freshmen.

  • Complete Rowan University’s application, including the application fee.
  • Submit SAT or ACT scores. Test scores should be sent directly from the accredited testing agency. Rowan University’s CEEB code is 2515.
  • Provide 2 letters of recommendation: one attesting to academic success, and another attesting to involvement in the community or extracurricular activities (neither should be from a parent).

If student is a New Jersey resident: (Select one)

  • Submit a transcript approved by a home school program, public or private school, or primary teacher. Transcripts from other educational institutions (community college, former public schooling, etc.), if applicable, should also be submitted.
  • Submit a portfolio of academic work that includes syllabi, a list of textbooks used, grade evaluations by primary teacher and any other documentation of academic work (includes samples of writing, tests, etc.) In addition, the teacher must complete and submit Rowan’s Curriculum Chart for Home-Schooled Students.

If student is from out-of-state:

  • All home-state requirements must be met and all supporting documentation must be provided to Rowan University. Students from out of state are also expected to follow all the requirements listed above.

All home-schooled first year applicants who submit a portfolio of high school work are required to submit this form, which must be completed and signed by the applicant’s primary teacher. Transfer home-schooled students who submit a portfolio and have completed fewer than 24 transferable credits must also submit this form. The required Carnegie Units specified below are minimums. List all additional coursework. Attach this form to the portfolio and specify which coursework relates to which parts of the portfolio. You may also attach supplemental information you feel will be helpful in evaluating your application.