Special Programs

Opportunities and Leadership

For some students, significant educational and economic disadvantages can stand in the way of a college education. Rowan offers special programs and services, providing students the opportunity and the support to reach their goal of earning an undergraduate degree. From a nationally ranked Veterans Affairs program to our Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) and to our Achieving the Dream scholarship program, we are here to help students overcome any obstacle that may stand in between them and a college education.

Welcome to the Rowan University Education Opportunity Fund. Through this alternative admissions program, Rowan admits students who otherwise might be shut out of a college education because of their lack of funds and limited academic preparation.

Founded in 2005, the Army Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) program at Rowan provides students with leadership, management and basic military skills training

The Rowan Select program is a special initiative designed to increase accessibility and to give undergraduate applicants who have not met Rowan University’s competitive acceptance standards another opportunity for admission.