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The Psychology major at Rowan immerses students in the diverse fields of modern psychology with an emphasis on the scientific study of behavior and cognitive processes. Coursework in such areas as the biological basis of behavior, lifespan development, abnormal psychology, cognition, learning, social interactions, statistics, and research methods develop an emphasis on critical thinking, a scientific approach to understanding behavior, effective communication, and quantitative skills.  All Psychology students take the Psychology as a Profession and Practice course, which provides background information about careers in Psychology and Psychology related fields, as well as skills for future job acquisition.  Rowan psychology students can also build real world experience and connections through field experiences in a number of settings including drug/alcohol treatment facilities, human services agencies, human resources departments, residential facilities for individuals with developmental disabilities, and correctional facilities. Our Independent Study program also allows student to obtain hands-on experience conceptualizing and conducting research. The Rowan Psychology major is popular in high demand among Rowan students because the skill set provided and areas of study are generalizable to many different careers and life experiences.  The Psychology department also offers a Psychology major with a Specialization in Behavioral Services for Children and Their Families, which provides the necessary coursework for future certification as a Board Certified assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA).



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