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The theory and practice of entrepreneurship is increasingly important for solving economic and social challenges.  The Rohrer Entrepreneurship Program is designed to educate Rowan University students to understand global economic, social, political, and environmental events, problems and opportunities as they impact emerging enterprises, non-profit entities, and corporate extensions.  Students are infused with authentic information, valid conceptual frameworks and reliable models, and an emphasis on innovation and venture effectiveness using entrepreneurial problem,s, cases, and project-based learning experiences and cours-based opportunities to engage in learning with indificual entrepreneurs and their new and growing ventures.

Students are encouraged to understand entrepreneurship from global, national, local and individual firm-level perspectives and to learn the dynamics through which innovative individuals, teams, and firms recognize opportunity and decide to take action to create, finance, initiate, grow, staff, lead, motivate and sustain their new ventures to create individual and pulic wealth to enrich themselves and the world



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