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Finance is an exciting, dynamic and highly rewarding major. Every type of organization, private or public or domestic or international, needs finance professionals who have a mastery of how to allocate money to its highest use. The finance program at Rowan University provides students with an in-depth understanding of how firms raise and invest capital, how individuals allocate their savings among different investment options, and how markets function to channel funds from savers to investors. Rowan finance graduates accept prestigious positions with commercial banks, investment and brokerage firms, government agencies, consulting firms, insurance firms, and large and small corporations.

At Rowan, the study of finance goes way beyond the classroom. Students research the markets and make real purchases in our state-of-the-art interactive trading room. In the trading room, finance students validate their textbook knowledge by buying and selling stocks with real money — $100,000 that comes from the William G. Rohrer Charitable Foundation. The room, sponsored by Northwestern Mutual Financial Network in 2011, features 27 powerful computers for in depth financial analysis, a large LCD touch screen monitor and multi-hued electronic tickers front and rear. Researching on the Bloomberg financial network and through other resources, students make investment decisions in near-real time.

Why should you study finance at Rowan University?

·         Modern and dynamic curriculum reflecting market conditions and expectations

·         Faculty members with national and international recognition who are leading researchers and dedicated teachers in their fields

·         High job placement and successful graduates

·         Excellent internship opportunities that may lead to permanent jobs

·         Excellent mentorship program connecting finance students with Rowan alumni

·         Interactive trading room with more hands on learning opportunities

·         Portfolio management electives and contests

·         Active Financial Management Association student club that arranges various lectures by leading business executives and organizes        
          excursions to major financial markets and institutions in Philadelphia and New York



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