Appointments & What to Expect


Appointments & What to Expect

I want to study what?


1. View available programs by clicking the "Program Options" from our homepage. This will show you the partner organization's with which we are affiliated. By clicking on the links provided, you will be taken to their website where you can find courses offered, costs and much more. You can also schedule an appointment with the Education Abroad Advisor to help you through this part of the process.

2. Once a program is chosen, meet with your Academic Advisor to obtain approval for courses.

3. Begin the application process. There are two applications required to study abroad.

            a. Rowan's Application which can be accessed by the "Application Information" from the homepage.

            b. The partner organization application which can be accessed by clicking the "Apply Now" button on their website.

4. Apply for a passport 

5. You will need to make an appointment with your physician. You will find more information regarding medical clearance in Rowan's application.

6. Meet with the Financial Aid Office to ensure that you have sufficient funding for your program.

7. Submit all required materials for the Rowan Study Abroad Application & the Partner Organization Application.

8. Apply for your travel Visa if required.

10. Pay for your program by the deadline given by the partner organization.



Schedule an appointment with the
Education Abroad Advisor
To schedule an appointment go to:
1. Login to RSN
2. Click “Services” at the top of your RSN homepage
3. Scroll to and click on Education Abroad Office
4. Beside Laura Kahler click “Schedule Appointment”
5. Move through the calendar using the mini calendar tool located in the left column.    All dates with availability will be bold
6. Available meeting times will have a “Sign Up” link. Click this link to make an    appointment for that time and select a reason for the appointment from the drop-down menu
7. In the Detailed Description box, include your Banner I.D. and Cell Phone number, as  well as details regarding what you’d like to discuss during your appointment
8. Click “Submit” to finalize your appointment. You will receive an email confirmation for your appointment.
To cancel an appointment:
If you need to cancel an appointment, locate the appointment on your RSN dashboard and click the (X) icon to the right of your appointment. Enter the reason for your cancellation and click submit.