Dean’s Circle


Dean’s Circle

Dean’s Circle ($500 to $999)

Gifts & commitments received from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

Stephen M. Akers, M.D.
Benjamin J. and Lorraine Alexander
Nicole Almond
Leslie Andres
Robert L. Barricella, D.O. D'84
Arnaud Bastien
Robert J., M.D. and Nancy A. Beach '71
William and Rita Beck
Peter S. Bejsiuk
Anna Mae Bensel '64, M'68
Chris Bieberbach
Frank and Margaret Blatcher
David Blecker, M.D.
Thomas M. Bosley, M.D.
W. Edward '61 and Anita V. Bouvier
Jeffrey C. Brenner, M.D.
Joanne Brigandi '74, M'88
Tobias '98, M'99 and Laura E. Bruhn M'99
Chad Michael M'97 and Michelle Bruner
Norman T. and Elinor Carol
Rido, M.D. and Jaeok Cha, M.D.
Antonio, M.D. and Dionne Chamoun, D.O.
Ishwar and Beatrice Chawla
Fadi and Rebecca Cherfane
Steven and Jacqueline Mae Chin
Matthew Cohen
Nicole Colasanti
Domenic F., Jr., M.D. and Annette M. Coletta
David and Cheryl L. Cooper
William and Mary Copeland
Jerry L. Costa '00
Christina Davidson-Tucci
 Paul C. Davidson Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Chester W. and Patricia Dawson
Marcelino C. de la Rosa '99
R. Phillip Dellinger, M.D.
Anthony DeMarco
Christopher W. '00, M'03 and Maryanne Dromgoole '01
Roberta Drozdowski '61
Carson J. '73, M'76 and Carol R. Dunbar '75
Kenneth Dunek '87
Gerald Eisenstat
Gene Elliott
Julian D., M.D. and Sunny G. Feldman
Robert J. Ferrari
Martin Finkel, D.O.
Richard L., M.D. and Catherine Fischer
Gail L. Forman and Leigh Weissman
Charles Foulke, Jr.
Robert J. '57 and Caroline D. Freno '57
Susanne M. Galanek '83
Brett C. Gilbert, D.O. D'97
James G. and Kathleen Williams Gilbert '89
Rose Glassberg
William R. Graessle, M.D.
John P. Gruccio '61, M'65, M'73
Seth A. '93 and Margaret R. Grumet '94
Christina Haley
Jay R. Harris
Dwight Jeffery Hartzell, M.D.
Adrianne Hassinger
Leor Hemo
Marven F. '59, M'66 and Barbara Devolia Hill '80
Lynda L. Hinkle '93, M'03
Gloria Hochman
Naima Hunter
James and Louise A. Hyland
Kara P. Ieva and Stacy H. Walkowitz
Margaret Ireland
Andrew Jackson
Rebecca Price Janney and Scott Janney
Louis C. Joyce, IV '72, M'77
Joan Kaigler
J. Bruce and Gayle Kamis
Christopher '03, M'04 and Brianne Kanach '02
Steven Kessel
Robert A. Kirkbride '62, M'66
John A. and Kathryn Lambert, D.O.
Dean and Kathleen Leech
Linda Lemieux
Daniel B. and Linda B. Litwin
Wilfred and Barbara Lorry
Constance Madara
Joseph M., Jr. and Rose V. Mangini '03
Amanda Ruth Manning, D.O. D'94
Joan A. Marchese
Anthony R. '02, M'03 and Dana M. Marino
Leo J. McCabe
Joanne Merlie
Lori Mihalich Levin and Jason Levin '97
Michelle A. Miles '01
Stuart G. '81 and Terri L. Morrell '83
Michael Munoz
Daniel P. M'97 and Susan L. Murphy M'96
Nathaniel V. and Nicole Nucci
James F. O'Donnell '82
Erica Ortiz '99, M'04
Peter J. Oteri '62
Jack and Catherine W. Parrish
Pepper Hollow Fund
Lee Martin Perlman, Esquire
Raymond A. Pescatore, Sr.
Josh R. '03, M'08 and Sarah E. Piddington '03, M'05
Dave '76 and Kate Pritchard '76
Richard and Anna Marie Pustizzi
Steven '88 and Kathy Quagliero '89
William F., D.O. and Roseann J. Ranieri
Lisa M. Reid, M.D. and Christopher Johnson
Joseph S. Renzulli '58
Michael G. Rieker
Louis Rodriguez
Judith L. Roman
Dennis L. Rowley
Lorraine Theresa Sacchetti
Shirley B. Samit '63
Grace Sheppard '62
Kenneth M. Simon, D.O. D'89
Betsy Small
Aaron G. '00 and Terri Smith '00, M'02
Robert D. Socolofsky
Marc and Lisa J. Stahl
Gershon Stern, D.D.S.
Sheila Stevenson
Daniel M. Suffin, D.O. D'04
Maria V. Tahamont '75
William Testa
Christopher B. and Jessica Thomas
Dong Trang, D.O. D'01
Alan R., M.D. and Karelene K. Turtz
Paul and Diana Vallandingham
Jay and Patricia Davis Vanston
Patty A. Vitale, M.D.
Stacy H. Walkowitz and Kara P. Ieva
Larry Ward
Richard H. and Carol Welsh
Catherine F. Yang
Stanley B. and Doris A. Yeldell
Leonard Yovnello