President’s Forum


President’s Forum

President's Forum

Gifts & commitments received from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

Benefactor—$5,000 to $9,999

Concetta Anastasi
Andaloro Family
 Charlotte A. Andaloro
 Kimberly A. Andaloro
 Michael C. Andaloro
 Roseann A. Andaloro

M. Brownell Anderson
Michael F. Barrett, Esq.
Laura Bishop
Francis J., Jr. and Colleen Bonner
Barbara Chamberlain '88
Jay and Lyn Cranmer
Gilbert L., M.D. and Linda Drozdow
Jerry Friedman, Esquire
Stephen J. Gill '09
Marcus '99 and Rebecca Glanton
Edward Glavin '86
Fred '97 and Lisa Graziano
Robert M. '91 and Kristi Harris '91
Maxine A. Hartley '75 and Richard J. Johnson
Roberta Harvey and Sanford Tweedie
Hess Foundation
Ali A. and Farah Houshmand
Harry H., Jr. and Teresa D. Isaacs
Joanne Katzen-Jones and Brian W. Jones '81
Jules and Connie Kay
Emily Ann Kostic '10
John E. and Eileen Kostic
 John E. Kostic Memorial Foundation
Kurt Landsberger*
 Landsberger Foundation, Inc.
George F. and Patricia K. Lynn
John Philip Maas '87
Saifuddin T., M.D. and Robin Mama
John F., M.D. and Cathie McGeehan
William C. McNamara '85
Robert J. Mongeluzzi, Esq.
Ira, D.O. '84 and Esti Monka
Ann L. Nicholas
Dina Marie Perrino, D.O. D'94 and Antonios J. Tsompanidis, D.O. D'94
Robin L. Perry, M.D. and Anthony Santangelo
Julie Peterson
Ludwig E. Schlitt
Mark and Beth Schlitt
Michael Schlitt
Stephanie Schlitt, M.D.
William G., M.D. and Cathy Sharrar
Steven L. Spinner
Stephen Stirling '06
 The KASTIA Foundation
Alisyn W. Stoffel
Larry P. Thomas, Jr. '96
Edward D., M.D. and Judith Viner
Constance H. and Sankey Williams, M.D.
John J. Zabinski

Patron—$2,500 to $4,999

Merrill and Lita M. Abele
Raymond Edward, III '95 and Stephanie A. Albert '95
Frank T., Jr. and Deborah J. Atkinson
Brenda Bacon
Susan L. Bailey
Michele Berlinerblau, M.D. and Michael H. Goodman, M.D.
Estate of George Boyd
Luther Brady, M.D.
Kimble A. Byrd and Lora Graves-Byrd
Carl L. Calliari '64, M'66
Peter J. Chen, M.D. and Teresa S. Yeh
Robert Christensen
Kevin D. Cummings
Estate of Marilyn Kalellis*
Ken Gemmell '00
Fredric Lee Ginsberg, M.D.
Patricia and Stephen J. Gluckman, M.D.
Jay H. Greenblatt
LaNetta Hammill '72, M'85, D'01
James A. Henderson, Jr.
Brighid Hoempler '12
Robert W. and Donna L. Hoey '79
Thomas A. M'79 and Rhonda Holland '72
Van and Robin Horneff
Michelle A. Iavicoli, M.D.
Amy E. James, D.M.D.
Kay Karabinos
Alan and Lynne Kaye
James Kehoe
Stanley and Betty Jane LaBruna
Leonard M. and Frances Law '01
Donald S. and Cindy Lefler
Gabrielle R. Lisella
John J. and Jeanne Lombard
Karen P. Magee-Sauer and Bryan B. Sauer
Nancy A. Malone and Arthur F. Ng
Christian F. Martin, IV
Jack '82 and Nancy E. McCormack
Carmela Pane, M.D.
John R. and Arleen Pastin
Stephen Philibosian Foundation
Nicholas F. Piazzola
Jeffrey E. '83, M'89 and Linda R. Pollock '83, M'92
Jeffrey S. and Belinda Pop
Peter J. Sandford '83
Howard and Gail Schaevitz
Philip C. Scozzari
Steven Y. and Mei So
Richard and Joy L. Solomen '69, M'75
Joe Stein
Beena Sukumaran and Srinivasan Vanchinathan
Peggy Veacock
Robert A. '72, M'74 and Vicky J. Zazzali '73

Member—$1,000 to $2,499

Merrill and Lita M. Abele
Raymond Edward, III '95 and Stephanie A. Albert '95
Frank T., Jr. and Deborah J. Atkinson
Anonymous (7)
Dean Stewart and Susan Lachs Adler
Michelle N. Andre '99, M'02
Gregory Stephen Angelucci M'98
Angelica M. Aristone '05
Derek and Lorin Basden Arnold
Dianne Ashton
Barbara Baals
Harriett A. Reardon Bailey '60, M'66
Scott D. '94 and Krista Baker
Thomas and Lynn D. Borstelmann
Joseph '80 and Anne-Marie Bottazzi '80
Keith Brand
Jay Brigham
Colin A. Buller '91
David S. '82, M'02 and Lisa Burgin
Jaclyn Button
Charles and Stephanie Cahn
Karen Campbell-Lawrence '86
Yukiko Canfield
Ricardo, M.D. and Linda Caraballo
Michael '85 and Wendy Carbone
James B. and Virginia V. Carson
William T., Jr. and Mary Carson
April M. Carty-Sipp '93 and Gregory B. Sipp '94
Edmund M. Caruso, D.M.D.
William J. Castner, Jr. '95
Thomas A., D.O. and Donna M. Cavalieri
Stephen H. and Elizabeth Clark
Dorothy E. Clay '63
JoEllen Collins-Cardona M'92 and Jose D. Cardona '89, M'96, D'07
Raj G. and Anita Chopra, M.D.
Stephen L. and Theresa Cone
Raymond M. Conlin M'97
Joanne M. Connor M'03, D'09
Philip J. Corradino
James S. '71 and Jaye Laurel Davis
Len E. '84 and Sharon Daws
Timothy and Catherine Bethea Dayton
Edward R., D.O. D'87 and Bernice Deal
Brian T. '93 and Jennifer Ann DeMild
Nicholas Matthew Dennis '15
Vincent J. DeRisio, D.O.
Melissa G. Dersch '02
Thomas '90 and Julie DiVittorio
Donna Donnelly '15
Irene Donnelly '88, M'02
Carolyn Camillo Eagen '65, M'74
Eisen Charitable Foundation
Karin Elkis and Steven D. Weinstein, Esq.
Deanne P. Farrell
Colleen Marie Finan-Duffy, D.O. D'94 and Thomas Neal Duffy, D.O. D'94
Sean M. '05 and Irena Fischer
Benjamin A., Esq. and Jean K. Fleischner
Victor and Alice Fornari, Ed.D.
Georgette P. Fowler '78
Robin Frood
David A. Fry, Jr. M'14
Charles Wei-Hsun Fu Foundation
Anthony J., D.O. and Delia C. Fugaro '62
Keith A. Gale '90
Thomas J. '66, M'67, M'70 and Donna K. Gallia '70, M'87
Deborah B. Gaspar
Athene Goldstein
Otto and Helene Gollon
Russell Griesback, D.O.
James J., Sr. and MarieElena Gruccio
Sanjay, M.D. and Kavita Gupta, D.O. D'98
Savannah Guthrie and Michael B. Feldman
Terry B. '68 and Joan Halter '67
Anne Hammell
Robert M., Jr. and Louise W. Hammond '66
George Hill, Ph.D.
Cheryl F. Hoeflich
Elias A. Iliadis, M.D.
George R. Jackson '82
James Jacobson
Kauser Jahan
Richard T. Jermyn, D.O.
Anne C. Jones, D.O. '08 and Thomas Leeson, D.O.
Richard Lamar Jones
Jacqueline M. Kaari, D.O. D'98
Richard A. Kader, D.O. D'88
Margaret A. Karcnik, D.O. and Richard Tancer, D.O.
Ryan and Jacqueline Keepers '05
William and Kathy McHenry Keleher '62
Penny A. Kempf
Sean M. Kennedy '96
Jennifer Khelil, D.O. D'95
Susan M. Lage, D.O. D'89
Luisa E. Lehrer, M.D. and Ernest M. Post, M.D.
Susan E. Lehrman
Gary J., Esq. and Karen Lesneski
Francis L. Levin, D.O.
Antoinette C. Libro '60, M'67
Donald W. Light, Jr., Ph.D.
Jo-Ann D. Liptak '68 and Victor Nazario
Piera Lombardi
James M. '82 and LuAnn Lovegrove
Christopher J. '04 and Melissa S. Lukach '03
Shreekanth A. Mandayam
Patrick J.W. Manion
Douglas E. Mapp
Martha S. Matthews, M.D.
Joseph Matranga '80, M'14
John A. '69, M'75 and Diane F. Mazzei '69, M'80
Tyrone W. and Katrina McCombs
Rory O'Brien McElwee
David P. McGee '90
L. Andy '91, M'94 and Doris J. McLaughlin '93
TJ McStravick '92
Rose Means '87
Raymond A. Medeiros
Ellis and Darcia Medoway
Lois Adams Miller
Francis Mitchell and Edward L. Wolfe
Donald E. Moore
Paul J. Morris, D.O.
Scott P. Muir
Donna M. Murasko, Ph.D. and Kenneth J. Blank, Ph.D.
Octavia S. Nash '06
Marc A. Neff, M.D.
James and Heidi L. Newell
Darren B. and Jennifer A. Nicholson
Helyn P. Ostroff M'71
Frank Pedevillano, D.O. D'84
Joseph J. and Susan M. Perlis, Ed.D.
Brittany L. Petrella '11
Nick L. and Bonnie L. Petroni '70
Lucile H. Pfleeger
Frances R. Pierce
John A. Price
Jessica L. Prince '06
Robert W. '81 and Alicia Prowse
Shawn Quinn, D.O. D'06
Joao D. Rafoa '99
Megan Eileen Reilly, D.O. D'97 and Douglas M. Hargrave, D.O. '91
Melissa L. Reilly, D.O. D'05
George Renwick '62
Steven C. '79 and Joan Risavy
Paul Ritter, III
Lynn Robbins '66
Thomas F. Rocereto, M.D.
Gloria Barone Rosanio, APR '77
Fred, D.D.S. and Nancy A. Rosen
Kathy Rozanski '89
Jerry G. and Bernice Rubenstein
Todd, D.O. D'84 and Rita Johnson Schachter
Stephen, D.O. D'91 and Michelle Scheinthal
Adam G. Schleifman, CPA '88
Alice V. Schmidt '50, M'79
Lance H. and Susan Schnatterly
Pauline A. Schneider '65
William K. Schwab, Jr. '43
Harry and Sandra A. Scheyer
Robert '88 and Suzanne Scudiero '87
Cheryl L. Seabron-Rambert, M.D.
Marion L. Seeley '65
Stephanie Segrest '99
George N. Sevastakis '53
Mark J. Sever, Esq.
Shiwan K. Shah, D.O. D'06
Colleen T. Shearer '95
Emma Lou Sheikh '65
Michael B. Sherman
Irvin and Rosalyn Shoemaker '71, M'80
Gerard P. '81 and Patricia Skalka '80
Ronald S. Smith '69, M'77
Summer Smith and Jeffrey M. Fields
Diane Socolofsky
Mark G. '82 and Gina Spinelli
Melanie Stewart
William G. and Marguerite M. Stubbs '63
Sharon M. Szmaciasz '77
Adam M. '02, M'04 and Jennifer Szyfman
R.J., Jr. and Kelly Tallarida
Craig Terry
Omari F. '05 and Rochelle L. Thomas '99
Paul J. '99 and Kathleen F. Tully
Cindy Lynn Vitto and George Romeo
Sherman C. Ward, III
Beth A. Wassell, Ed.D. '97 and Thomas Hazlett
Jeff Weber '75
Melissa Wheatcroft, Esq. and Blair C. Talty
Michael D. '78 and Joyce M. Woodrow '77
Paul S. Young, CPA, CGMA
Linda J. Yovnello