Immigration & Visas


Immigration & Visas

The following non-immigrant Visa holders can apply to the IELP:

  1. International students currently outside of the United States:  The IELP issues a Language Training I-20 to eligible students who need to obtain an F-1 International Student Visa to study in the program. Please refer to the IELP application page to apply for an I-20.
  2. International students currently in the United States:  Students who already have an F-1 Visa and an I-20 from another program may apply to Rowan's IELP.  The application has a transfer form that must be completed by the current school.  Once the application is completed and submitted to the IELP, the I-20 will be transferred to Rowan's IELP.
  3. F-2 Dependents:  F-2 dependents are eligible to participate in the IELP for part-time study only.
  4. B-1/B-2 Visitor Visa:  If you have a visitor Visa and want to apply to the IELP for an I-20 in order to obtain an F-1 international student visa, you can apply for a change of status with the Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP).  We highly recommend, however, that you leave the country and re-enter with the new F-1 Visa.  Changing status while remaining in the United States can take many, many months and there is no guarantee that it will be approved.  

For more information about the United States non-immigrant Visa policies and procedures, visit:  Student Exchange Visitor Program

Please read our IELP International Student Handbook Summer 2017, which will have more information about:

  • Paying SEVIS fee
  • Making and preparing for Visa interview
  • Remaining in status
  • Preparing for coming to the United States
  • Arrival and Orientation information