The MBA Mission

The Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program at Rowan University provides contemporary graduate business education to professionals from diverse fields and academic backgrounds. The program prepares students as team leaders and team players with effective interpersonal, oral, and written communication and group process skills. The M.B.A. curriculum emphasizes critical thinking, quantitative analysis and computing applications, and the technological and international nature of business.


MBA Directors Message

Thank you for your interest in The Rohrer College of Business MBA Program. Rowan's practices are often highlighted by the AACSB as best-in-class and we pride ourselves in our abilities to to support personalized advising and academic integrity.


The Rohrer College of Business MBA program creates "The MBA Briefs", a publication emphasizing current events, notable speakers, GMAT preparation, and business plan competitions within the program. 

Career Impact

Become more competitve in the professional landscape by attaining an MBA. Statistics show an increase of leadership positions, median weekly income, and a decrease of unemployment for individuals who have completed a higher level degree.