Employee Search

Name/Title/Dept Contact
Parrish, Catherine
Associate Professor
Parrott, Mary Clare
House Staff
Parshin, Andrey
Cell Biology
Parsley, Donald
Health & Exercise Science
Pasquarella, Kathleen
Admissions Office
Pastin, John
Dean, College of Performing Arts/Professor
Pastore, Brigitte
Chemical Engineering
Pastorino, John
Molecular Biology
Pate, Gyanni
IST - Revenue Cycle
Patel, Neel
Academic Affairs
Patel, Pratik
Academic Affairs
Patel, Sipa
Family Practice - Admin
Patel, Himadriben
Information Services Analyst
IRT-Enterprise Information Services (EIS)
Patel, Neha
House Staff
Patel, Priya
Academic Affairs
Patel, Shraddha
House Staff
Patel, Anjana
Camden Campus
Patel, Kishan
House Staff
Paternoster, Bruce
Full-Time Temporary Assistant Professor
Pati, Niranjan
College of Business