Rowan Degree in 3


Rowan Degree in 3

Rowan University offers a three-year, year-round degree pathway for students. The program is designed to allow students to earn free summer tuition, fees and housing if they meet their academic requirements in the previous fall and spring semesters. It also provides students with internships and/or research opportunities, and academic support programs throughout students’ three years.

The Degree in 3 – Summers Free program will save students approximately  $22,000 toward a bachelor’s degree—25 percent of what a degree would cost over a four-year period.

Application Process

Apply to the University by MARCH 1. The Degree in 3 program is available to students who are admitted into the following majors:

B.A. English
B.A. History
B.A. Law & Justice
B.A. Writing Arts
B.A. Radio, Television, and Film
B.A. Psychology
B.S. Marketing

Once admitted, students will receive information about the Degree in 3 program and an Interest Form. Students must indicate their interest in the program by submitting the form by APRIL 1. 

Eligible Students

Students admitted to the University for Fall 2016 in the designated majors.

Transfer students who have completed 40 to 50 credits; after being admitted into one of the designated majors and receiving their credit evaluation, they must meet with the program coordinator to determine whether the Degree in 3 program is appropriate for them.

Current first-year Rowan students in the designated majors who will have completed 40 credits by the end of the summer session should meet with the program coordinator for approval to enter the program.

Requirements and Benefits

Students enrolled in the Degree in 3 program must live on campus all three years, including their first and second summers. In addition to taking classes and living on campus free of charge during the summers, students will be required to work toward completing a minimum of 200 hours of leadership internships or academic-related work experiences (as outlined on the academic program guide) during their three years at Rowan. Students also will receive specialized academic support and participate in cohort experiences throughout the year.

Students may enter the program in September of Year 1 or Year 2.  The only criteria for admission at Year 1 are that (a) the student is matriculated at Rowan in one of the participating majors and (b) is a campus resident.  To enter at Year 2, current students or entering transfers must: (a) have at least a 2.75 in previous coursework, (b) be matriculated in one of the participating majors, (c) be a campus resident, and (d) have completed 40-50 credits.

For More Information

Students will receive additional information about the Degree in 3 program after being accepted into one of the designated majors. In the meantime, please contact Jessica Prach in Admissions for details ( or 856-256-4200).