Scholarships & Awards

Rowan University rewards academic success through an extensive scholarship program. Consideration is given to accepted students in the top percentage of their class who have scored 1,150 or better (Critical Reading and Math) on the SAT. In addition to the traditional State and University scholarship awards, many academic departments and organizations at Rowan offer scholarships.

*Merit-based scholarships are awarded competitively and always contingent on available funding.

The Rowan University Scholars Program (no application required)

The Rowan University Scholars Program is available to New Jersey residents and non-residents for up to eight semesters. The program is funded entirely by Rowan University to reward and attract recent high school graduates who have achieved academic distinction as indicated by high school GPA (minimum 3.0 GPA required for consideration) and SAT score. The following chart shows the level of award based on a student's academic record. Scholarships are awarded to first-time, full-time freshman entering during the fall term. Scholarships are not awarded to students entering during the spring term.

Note: In order to be considered for an academic scholarship you must apply for admission and complete your application by January 31. All scholarship awards will be awarded in February and applicants notified at that time.

SAT Range* Scholarship amount range**
1,500-1,600 $10,900-$21,800
1,400-1,499 $10,400-$20,800
1,350-1,399 $9,000-$16,000
1,300-1,349 $8,500-$13,500
1,250-1,299 $4,700-$7,400
1,200-1,249 $2,000-$4,000
1,150-1,199 $2,000

*SAT Range = Combinted total score of SAT Critical Reading + SAT Math. Writing Score is not considered.

**Scholarship amount varies depending on qualifications.


International Student Scholarship

The International Scholarship is available to incoming undergraduate international students (freshmen and transfer) that have or will obtain an F-1 student status. Students will be automatically considered for the scholarship following their admission decision. There is no separate scholarship application required. International students are encouraged to apply for admission by the earliest application date, as early applicants are more likely to be awarded scholarships due to a competitive process and limited availability. 


Grade Point Average4 SAT Score1

Out of State Tuition2
(Per Year)

Out of State Tuition
with International Scholarship2,3
(per year)

Minimum 3.25 Minimum 1100 $16,712


Transfer Students:

Grade Point Average4 College Level Credits

Out of State Tuition2
(Per Year)

Out of State Tuition
with International Scholarship2,5
(per year)

Minimum 3.25 Minimum 30 $16,712


SAT Score consists of Math & Critical Reading only.
Tuition and Scholarship figures do not include Fees or Room and Board.
Scholarships are renewable for up to 4 years (8 semesters).
Must maintain full-time status and a minimum GPA of 3.0.
Scholarships are renewable for up to 3 years (6 semesters).