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Employee Advisory Service (EAS)

Why the Employee Advisory Service?

It has been found that each employee in the early years of employment establishes a pattern of work performance and attendance. The employee tends to maintain this pattern throughout their work career except when some major problem or life change occurs. Problems may be simple or complex. They could include such matters as marital or family discord, tangled financial obligations, problem drinking, physical ill health, drug abuse, emotional turmoil, or difficulties on the job.

Many times when one of these problems arises and nothing is done, other problems may occur and a pyramiding effect may develop. For the most part, these problems are temporary. In some instances we may find that we need the help of others to cope with the problem. Therefore, in order to help its employees, the University provides the Employee Advisory Service.

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What is the Employee Advisory Service?

The Employee Advisory Service is a referral agency. If, in the opinion of the Advisor, the individual should seek medical assistance, the Advisor will help with the arrangements. If other services seem indicated, the employee will be so advised and referred.

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How does the Employee Advisory Service Work?

The Advisor will discuss the problem with the employee. When an employee goes to the Service, it will be under strict confidential circumstances. All that is discussed with the Advisor is privileged and confidential.

The Employee Advisory Service may be used in any of the following circumstances:

  • Employees may contact the EAS directly. Employees are encouraged to voluntarily seek information and referral by contacting the EAS directly. As all contacts with the EAS are confidential, this also will be on an entirely confidential basis. Your referral is directly to the Advisor at EAS.
  • An employee may be referred to the EAS at any time, if circumstances warrant it. The aim of EAS, it must be kept in mind, is to help the employee and is not to be considered disciplinary in nature.
  • State employee associations and unions may refer employees to the EAS, if the employee agrees to the referral.
  • When an employee receives a less than satisfactory performance rating, he/she will be scheduled to go to the EAS. The Office of Human Resources will make the appointment and inform the employee as to the time and place. Human Resources will also arrange with the supervisor for the employee's absence

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What will it cost?

No charge is involved for visits by the employee to the EAS. If further medical help or outside counseling is necessary, standard procedures for coverage by the employee's Health Benefits Plan will be followed.

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Who is eligible to go to the EAS?
All employees of the University and members of their immediate households are eligible to use the EAS.

If you are interested in meeting with Mr. Joe Williams from EAS, you may contact Betsy McAteer at 856-256-4306. If you wish to call the New Jersey EAS Service directly, the phone number is 1-866-327-9133

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