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Questions Concerning Voluntary Furloughs

Voluntary Furlough Form (PDF)

What is voluntary furlough?
Voluntary Furlough gives an employee the option of unpaid time off without the loss of health benefits or seniority. The voluntary furlough program is offered as a cost saving mechanism to the University while providing employees with a favorable leave option. All furlough requests are not automatically granted. Each request is reviewed for fiscal and operational effectiveness, and is subject to approval.
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What can I use voluntary furlough for?
You can use voluntary furlough to help meet family care needs, to extend a vacation, to stretch a holiday or to pursue educational opportunities.
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For how long can I take a voluntary furlough?
You may, with the approval of your employer, take up to 30 intermittent or consecutive days for any one furlough.  Subject to approval by the University, this furlough can then be extended up to 60 days additional workdays, but any extension of furlough days must be taken in blocks of 10 days and may be used for education or family care needs only.
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Will my title, seniority, or anniversary date be affected?
No. Your status remains the same and you will continue to accrue title, seniority, and your anniversary date remains the same.
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How will the furlough affect my vacation and sick leave time?
You will continue to accrue vacation or sick leave for initial intermittent or consecutive furlough days of 30 days or less, and for up to 60 days during a furlough extension leave without pay.
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Will my health benefits coverage continue while I am on a furlough of several months?
Yes.  For initial 30 furlough days, all of your health benefits will continue.  You will be responsible, however, to make any required health benefit contributions and pay your share of the dental coverage premium if you currently do so. For furlough extensions up to 60 days, you may continue health benefits by paying the full premium amount (employer and employee’s share).
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How many furlough days can I take in a bi-weekly pay period before my pension and life insurance benefits are affected?
Deductions from your bi-weekly earnings are taken in the following order: Federal and State Tax, FICA, health insurance premiums, all forms of pension deductions (regular deductions, loan re-payment, arrears balance, back deductions, SACT deductions, and life insurance premiums, etc.)  If your earnings for that bi-weekly period are sufficient to cover these deductions, then full credit will be given for pension and life insurance.
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Can I purchase the pension credit back when I return to the payroll from an
extended furlough*?

Yes.  If you are PERS, PFRS, or a TPAF member you may purchase up to a maximum of three months of pension credit.

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