Governor's Task Force Report'

Information Technology FAQs

1. Will the local IST team continue to support all of our technology needs?
Yes, all current IST team members will transition to Rowan and will continue to provide support for all academic, clinical, research and business systems.

2. Whom should I contact after July 1st for computer support?
You may request service by utilizing one of the following methods. Please do not call 3-3200 after July 1.

For help in Stratford:

Send an email to
or call the SOM service desk @ 566-6437

Additional help resources for clinical services:

Centricity EMR – send an email to
Centricity Business (IDX) – send an email to
Clinical Apps Training – send an email to
More help resources

For help with Rowan Banner Resources:

3. Will I retain my current username when we transition to Rowan?
Approximately 99% of our users will retain their current user ID’s. The remaining 1% will receive a new ID based on an existing identical Rowan user ID.

4. What password will I use to log in?
The institutions are using a tool to synchronize your current UMD password to your Rowan account. When the synchronization takes place, you should be able to use the same password for Rowan access as you use for current UMD access. Please do not attempt to login to your Rowan account prior to 7/1 unless authorized to do so by the local IST team.

5. Is my Rowan ID and my Rowan network account the same thing?
No. Rowan uses the term “ID” to reflect your Banner ID number (currently your A#, but a number beginning with 9 at Rowan). You network account is your RUID (real user ID) username and password.

6. Will all of my files transfer to Rowan?
Yes, all existing folders and files will be transferred.

7. IST has reached out to me to rebuild my computer. Does this need to occur before July 1st?
If an SOM IT representative as reached out to you to remove Credant encryption from your device, it is imperative this task be complete before June 21st. Failure to remove this software from your system prior to the transition could affect data access and connectivity to Rowan systems after July 1st.

8. Should I backup all of my local data in preparation of the transition?
It is always a good idea to backup your data although it is not necessary for the transition.
All of your local data will remain intact on your local hard drive and all network shares will be transferred as part of the migration.

9. Will all of my email transfer to Rowan?
Yes, all Exchange and JES (mail.umdnj) email accounts are being transitioned into Rowan’s Exchange environment. However, web users of should seek assistance to download all UMD mail to a local device. Historical mail from will not be transferred.

Once we are part of Rowan, emails sent to a address will be received for ten months, until May 1, 2014. For the first two months, the sender will be unaware that the message has been forwarded. Commencing September 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014, the message will be forwarded and the sender will receive notice of the new email address. From May 1 to June 30, 2014, the message will not be forwarded but the sender will receive a auto-reply “undeliverable” message with the new address, so the message can be re-sent.

Any messages we send commencing July 1, 2013 will have our new, Rowan addresses, so for those clicking “reply,” the message will come right to the new Rowan account. We also encourage you to advise your regular contacts of your new email address, and to update your automatic email signature to highlight that you have a new email address.

10. Do I need to backup my email archive?
No, exchange archived messages and downloaded messages from are already stored on the local computer’s hard drive

11. Will my UMDNJ provided cell phone and/or pager transition to Rowan?
Yes, all pagers and UMDNJ Verizon and AT&T provided services will transition to Rowan.
All Sprint carrier services will be transitioned to Verizon and a new phone will be issued.

12. Do I still login to Core after July 1st?
No, on July 1st you will login to the RowanADS domain located in the domain drop down box at the log in screen.

13. Will our phone numbers change?
No, all phone numbers will remain in place, however users may need to dial 7 digits instead of 5 digits to reach numbers on-campus.

14. Is the Rowan organization secured for clinical systems and data?
Rowan has implemented or is implementing all of the relevant security measures to protect HIPAA data and secured communications. All immediately necessary services will be put in place before July 1st.

15. Will I receive a new ID badge?
Yes, a new badge will be issued but not necessarily before July 1st.

16. I use a MAC for work. After July 1, will Rowan support the MAC?
Yes, there are many MAC users at Rowan and the MAC users in Stratford will be fully supported.

17. What portal-based resources will be available at Rowan on day 1?
Most UMDNJ portal-based resources will not be available in the same format on day 1. Only select mission-critical resources will be portal-based initially. Other resources (for example, student and employee Banner self-service, including pay stubs) will be available on static web pages, with links, until the portal is developed. There is no specific timeline yet for when after integration more robust portal resources will be available.

18. I maintain an SOM social media site. What do I need to do in connection with the transition to Rowan?

On July 1, 2013, SOM's social media sites will transition to Rowan. On this day, all references to UMDNJ (in the names of social media sites, in profiles, handles, tags, etc.) should be removed and be replaced with Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine or Rowan SOM. Removing UMDNJ from the names of Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, LinkedIn accounts and blogs can be done easily through those sites’ options or preferences pages. No readership will be lost with these name changes.

While Rowan doesn't require that schools or other entities use Rowan University graphics on social media sites, social media administrators must register their account information with Rowan University Web Services (UWS) at Rowan UWS can also help you with any graphic needs that you may have. We ask that you not use the Rowan and/or Rowan SOM logo unless it's been previously approved by Web Services.

The use of the name “Rowan," on any UMDNJ SOM social media site is not permitted prior to July 1, 2013.

Facebook pages that use UMDNJ as part of their name and have more than 200 followers will need to create a new Facebook page and transition followers to the new page before the UMDNJ page is shut down. In order to facilitate the transition of followers, schools/entities with UMDNJ in their Facebook name should launch a new Facebook page with the Rowan SOM identityon July 1 while the UMDNJ-related Facebook page may stay active for two weeks (throughJuly 15) following the integration with Rowan.

During this two-week transition period, you will need to post all content on your new Rowan SOM Facebook page, with a simultaneous post on the former UMDNJ page, with instructions to followers to “like” the new Facebook page if they wish to continue to receive news and giving them the link. Learn more about social media policy at Rowan University.

For resources on how to change your social media site names, please email