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RSS Career Talk

A monthly show offering tips and advice on employment. Hosted by Ruben Britt, Assistant Director of the Rowan University Career Management Center, on the 1st Monday of each Month at 5:30 p.m.

Recent Podcasts

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Play Download 11/06/2017 - Academic Success with Lee Plenn

Host Ruben Britt sits down with Lee Plenn, M.Ed, Assistant Director of Rowan University's Academic Success Center to talk about students preparing for the job market.

Play Download 10/02/2017 - Careers in The FBI

Host Ruben Britt of the Rowan University Office of Career Advancement speaks with FBI Special Agent and recruiter Gregory Branch about career opportunities with the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Play Download 08/07/2017 - Career Readiness

Host Ruben Britt is joined by area high school students speaking about the Career Readiness Program offered by Rowan University's Office of Career Advancement.

Play Download 06/20/2017 - Career Talk At The Education Expo

Ruben Britt hosts a special edition of Career Talk from Rowan University's Education Expo. The program features several special guests to discuss the current job market in the education industry.

Play Download 06/05/2017 - Talking to Bill Raynor

Host Ruben Britt is joined by Bill Raynor from Massbay Community College where he is the current Athletic Director. He talks about starting his career as a high school coach and eventually becoming a coach to a variety of colleges throughout the country. He discusses how he decided to get into coaching and eventually write a book.

Play Download 05/01/2017 - College Readiness

Host Ruben Britt delves into high school college readiness programs. He is joined by Dr. Alicia Monroe and Ms. Angela Steward of the Rowan University Office of Career Advancement. Together they discuss the various programs Rowan offers for incoming students.

Play Download 04/03/2017 - Melissa Kelly of The Philadelphia Eagles

Host Ruben Britt of the Rowan University Office of Career Advancement, talks to Melissa Kelly form the Philadelphia Eagles. Melissa is the production coordinator. She discusses what her job is like and what steps she has taken to advance her career to this point.

Play Download 03/06/2017 - Working with GEICO

Host Ruben Britt of the Rowan University Career Advancement Center is joined by a GEICO associate recruiter from Marlton, NJ. Mary discusses her career background and her experience working for a company like Geico. She offers advice to workers who are new to the field.

Play Download 02/06/2017 - Career Workshops

Host Ruben Britt is joined by Shirley Farrar, a career counselor at the Rowan University Office of Career Advancement. They discuss some exciting upcoming workshops for this semester.

Play Download 01/02/2017 - Healthcare Software

Host Ruben Britt is joined by Holly Lund of HCS, a New Jersey company that develops and provides healthcare software for healthcare facilities across the United States. They discuss the success of the company and what it takes to maintain a bussiness.

Play Download 12/05/2016 - Catching Up with Rowan Alumni Stephanie Hamm of Atlanta Falcons

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Rowan alumna, Stephanie Hamm of the Atlanta Falcons. They explore how she reached her position as a premium sales consultant and her latest project with the brand new Merces Benz Stadium project.

Play Download 10/03/2016 - Advice From Evan Ostrowski of the 76ers

Host Ruben Britt is joined by Senior Accountant Executive of the Philadelphia 76ers, Evan Ostrowski. He discusses his professional background, passion for sports, and experience with the Sixers. He also offers advice for college students looking to break into the marketing industry.

Play Download 09/05/2016 - Marketing Research Through Social Media

Host Ruben Britt speaks with young entrepeneurs about their latest marketing software. They discuss how we can utilize information on social media to conduct research.

Play Download 08/01/2016 - Ivy Scholars Success: What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

Host Ruben Britt Speaks with Cochise Pearson, CEO and founder of Ivy Scholars Success. Listen as they discuss the current career climate and what it takes to build a successful bussiness in today's world.

Play Download 07/04/2016 - Career Guidance With Focus2

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Diane McCrudden to discuss Focus2, an online career and education planning system designed to assist students with decision making.

Play Download 05/02/2016 - Career Talk With Khary Williams

Author and educator, Khary Williams, joins Career Talk host, Ruben Britt, to discuss his professional journey and choosing the right career path.

Play Download 04/04/2016 - Career Talk

Ruben Britt is joined by Michael Middleton, Mitch Kearns, and Rachel Buckthorpe of Freedom Mortgage. They cover many topics including job placement.

Play Download 03/07/2016 - Career Talk

Rachel Rosenzweig of Rep'nUp joins host Ruben Britt. She talks about the concerns people should have about the content posted on their social media accounts and how to fix them.

Play Download 02/01/2016 - Career Talk

Ruben Britt of Rowan University's Office of Career Advancement is joined by Rowan's Madeline Miscenich. The pair discuss services provided by Rowan's Office of Career Advancement and tips regarding job searches.

Play Download 12/07/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Michael Liuzzi of CLM Advisors LLC. A Rowan alum, the two talk about Liuzzi's time at Rowan and how it prepared him for the work world. They also talk about internship opportunities and the importance of resumes.

Play Download 11/02/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Sandy Drew of Generation Station LLC in Logan Township. They talk about internships, preparing for the business world, and tips for interviews. They also talk about proper resumes and the work at Generation Station.

Play Download 10/05/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Devra Stroud-Banks, the founder and Executive Director of L.I.O.N. - "Leading Light" In Our Neighborhoods. They talk about the goals of the organization, how they create opportunities for children, and the organization's creation.

Play Download 09/07/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Cristopher Jones of the Career Management Center at Rowan University. The two talk about the pros and cons of social media. They discuss how employers screen applicants by checking social media sites and they shared tips for how job candidates can market themselves through various online social channels.

Play Download 08/03/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Deb Bergman of NeuroRestorative. A Rowan alum, Bergman shares with Britt what she does at the company, the career path that led her to the job, and the opportunities she utilized at Rowan to prepare her for the professional world.

Play Download 07/06/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Valerie Matta, Vice President of Business Development at CareerShift. They talk about the work of Matta and the role of the company she works for. They also explore effective ways of finding jobs.

Play Download 06/01/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Stephen Davis, Associate Dean of Students and Interim Director of Counseling and Health Services at Richard Stockton University. The two discuss Davis' work and responsibilities, his college career at Penn State, and the ever-changing job market for college graduates. They also talk about the new things that are happening at Stockton.

Play Download 03/02/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Tracia Agard and Maggie Bonanni. The two guests offer tips on job search strategies and advice on resume writing. They discuss how to stand out from other candiates, advice for an interview, and the importance of internships.

Play Download 02/02/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with former professional baseball player Steve Stroughter. Drafted three times in his career, but signing in 1971 as the sixth overall pick by the San Francisco Giants, Stroughter has seen every angle of America's past time. He played in the minors until he was 30, played for four teams, and played in Japan. The two discuss all the people he met, life after baseball, and much more!

Play Download 01/05/2015 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with former Rowan student, Amanda Brewer. She gained national recognition when her close-up photo of a great white shark was shared around the country. The two discuss how Amanda got her start at Rowan, the opportunities that she discovered, and the path she followed after college.

Play Download 12/01/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Jessica Berkley of Lab Support from the greater Philadelphia area. Berkley is a Senior Recruiter at Lab Support. They talk about the application process, what companies are looking for when hiring, and the work she does.

Play Download 11/03/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Donna Koller of the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia. She is the staffing manager at the bank. She is in charge of finding interns and full-time jobs for the different departments. The two discuss the path to a good career, Koller's background, and the financial system of America.

Play Download 10/07/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Tyler Schickner, a student at Rowan University. The two discuss Tyler's path to his career, the internships that have come his way, and career tips for other students.

Play Download 09/01/2014 - Career Talk

In this episode Ruben Britt sits down with Charles Wallace of the Financial Services Talent Network. They discuss topics that include preparing for an interview, finding the right career, and more.

Play Download 08/04/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Bernard McNealy the CEO of Carson Dunn Media. Bernard McNealy talks about Carson Dunn Media and some of the well-known clients they have worked with in the past. He also talks about the side projects hes working on as a screenwriter.

Play Download 07/07/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Dr. Abdalla Rashad Tau. Dr. Tau talks about his books, Delinquent to Doctor and Embracing Toby. He gives the inspirations behind each of the titles and his inspiration for writing each of them. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Exposure Foundation and he discusses the goal of the foundation.

Play Download 06/02/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with the Jennifer Webb McCray of the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office. Jennifer talks about her role at the Cumberland County Prosecutor's Office as the Cumberland County Prosecutor and how she oversees all the prosecution of all indictable crimes throughout the county.

Play Download 05/05/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with the Executive Director of the Vincita Institute Nicholas Josey. Josey discusses the job and services if the Vincita Institute and his specific role with the business. He also gives a few quick tips to help make people make more informed decisions about their finances.

Play Download 03/03/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Rebecca Morrison She talks about how she got involved in the Peace Corps along with what she learned while being stationed on the other side of the world. She also gives tips for people who want to get involved in the Peace Corps themselves.

Play Download 02/03/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Myneca Ojo of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Myneca talks about how the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission supports, builds, and maintains over 550 miles of roadway and gives a brief history of the Pennsylvania roadways.. She also talks about their summer programs for students and how they will be appearing at the next career fair on campus.

Play Download 01/06/2014 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Erica Solomon of Inroads. Erica explains that the purpose of Inroads is to help place talented youth in jobs and help prepare them for corporate and community leadership. She explains the joining process and how it helps students.

Play Download 11/04/2013 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Ashley Van Dyke, Tonya Clarke, and Jill Spiegel of Foundation Academies in Trenton New Jersey. The three of them explain what Foundation Academies is and what their goal is. They have the belief that all children should have the ability to go to school no matter where they come from.

Play Download 10/07/2013 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Rowan Human Resources Student Sukhwinder Kaur. Sukhwinder is a specialist when it comes to correction navigating a career fair. She shares a few tips on how to make a career fair a success and she also talks about how the way you dress can affect the interview.

Play Download 09/02/2013 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with the Recruitment Manager for City Year Greater Philadelphia, Alissa Krutoff. Alissa talks about City Year Greater Philadelphia and its 17 years of work helping to reduce the drop out rates in urban public education.

Play Download 08/05/2013 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt spoke with Michael Fedrick of the Veterans Vocational Institute. Mike speaks about the Veterans Vocational Institute and how to land a job with the Federal Government through the ten step process.

Play Download 07/01/2013 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt spoke with Barbra Duboise and Heather Alexander of Catholic Charities of Trenton. Barbra and Heather speak about the work the Catholic Charities of Trenton have done over the years, and the upcoming events that are being held in honor of their 100 years of Service.

Play Download 06/03/2013 - Career Talk

Mark Ludes the General Manager of Courtyard by Marriott joined host Ruben Britt to discuss the upcoming talent fair at the Courtyard by Marriott. He also discusses the qualities that make a great General Manager along with the dos and donts of making a good first impression on a future employer.

Play Download 05/06/2013 - Career Talk

Dr. Wanda Broach-Butts of Nurses Make The Difference joined host Ruben Britt to discuss Nurses Make The Difference and it's services and how she ended up starting it. She also gave insight on the future of the medical field. For more information, please visit

Play Download 04/01/2013 - Career Talk

Playwright, author, teacher and former television host, Rosalind Bell joined host Ruben Britt to talk about her career as a writer. Growing up as the daughter of two teachers, Bell accredits reading as the basis of her education. She also outlined some of the challenges a writer can face throughout their career. She also discussed future projects she's working on.

Play Download 03/04/2013 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt spoke with Cassiara Corbett, Development Director for the College of Science and Mathematics at Rowan University about the field of development. Corbett discussed what it takes to work in development and how to learn how to not get discouraged by hearing "no." She also mentioned different skills that people who work in the nonprofit sector should posess, including being personable and not being ashamed of asking for money from donors. Finally, Britt promoted upcoming CMC events.

Play Download 02/04/2013 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt spoke with Netesha Peterson, Career Advisor for the Career Management Center at Rowan University. Peterson spoke about common mistakes that job applicants make, including not marketing yourself effectively and resume flaws. In addition, Britt and Peterson discussed typical interview questions that hiring managers may ask candidates and how to effectively answer these questions. Finally, Britt mentioned upcoming events at the Career Management Center.

Play Download 01/07/2013 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt spoke to Tiffany Aliche aka The Budgetnista about her book "The One Week Budget" and how college students can improve financially. Aliche also gave some tips for students about to graduate and how they can be financially secure despite having to pay back student loans and other expenses that come with living on your own. For more information on Aliche, her work and "The One Week Budget," visit the

Play Download 12/03/2012 - Career Talk

Stephanie Easterday and William Briggs joined host Ruben Britt to talk about the ins and outs of interviews. Easterday and Briggs gave tips on every step of the interview process from how interviewees should dress to how to answer those tricky questions like "What are your weaknesses?". In addition, they also addressed proper hand-shake ettiquite and stressed the importance of eye contact.

Play Download 11/05/2012 - Career Talk

Tom Campana, financial advisor and college unit director from Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, joined host Ruben Britt to talk about his roles at Northwestern Mutual Financial Network as well as other positions within the company. He also discussed details about internships and duties and responsibilities that interns have at Northwestern Mutual.

Play Download 10/01/2012 - Career Talk

Abby Kohut, human resources recruiter and writer on her website joined host Ruben Britt to discuss the history behind her website, which includes job search and intership tips. She also spoke on the importance of cover letters and what to include in them. Later, Kohut shared ways job seekers can stand out from a sea of resumes.

Play Download 09/03/2012 - Career Talk

Darrell Ardison, columnist for the Houston Defender joined host Ruben Britt to discuss his career in sports journalism. He outlined memorable interviews and moments throughout his career including interviews with Magic Johnson and Shaquille O'Neal to covering the NBA Finals. In addition, Ardison gave tips for how aspiring sports journalists can help gain knowledge in order to become successful writers.

Play Download 08/06/2012 - Career Talk

Greg Holland, Director of Cost Allocation and Revenue Management for the state of Maryland as well as a life coach joined host Ruben Britt to discuss how he helps young people transition from college to the real world. He spoke about the challenges that today's college graduates face post-graduation. He also mentioned various costs that go into living on your own and the importance of having a budget.

Play Download 07/02/2012 - Career Talk

Gary Teasley, a high school coach in Southfield, Michigan, joined host Ruben Britt to discuss his background and how he came to coaching high school basketball. He talked about what he sees the role of a coach as and some of the challenges he faces. Later, he expressed his opinion on where he sees high school sports in the future.

Play Download 06/04/2012 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt spoke with Jackie Howard and Barry Hate from the Department of Veterans Affairs to speak about the services offered by the office. They discussed their backgrounds and gave advice for how veterans can enter the workforce. They also mentioned shortcomings that they've come across on resumes. In closing, both Howard and Hate mentioned trends in employment with the federal government.

Play Download 05/07/2012 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt spoke with Rachel Bugman and Stephen Flemming from the Career Management Center to talk about the interview process. They spoke about what a candidate should do prior to an interview, proper interview attire and how to respond to tough questions.

Play Download 04/02/2012 - Career Talk

Ryan Newman of the Career Management Center's Professional Work Program joined host Ruben Britt to talk about the Professional Work Program. Newman talked about what he and his fellow interns do to help Roher business students obtain internships. In addition, he mentioned how to get involved in the PWP. Finally, Britt mentioned upcoming Career Management Center presentations.

Play Download 02/06/2012 - Career Talk

Jeff Hickman, recruiter for the Disney Internship Program joined host Ruben Britt to give insight on the Disney College Program. Hickman described the history of the program and what exactly students do during the internship. As a paid internship, students work and experience everything Disney. Students interested in the program can get more information by attending an information session on campus on March 8th at 5pm and 7pm in the Career and Academic Planning Center located in Savitz Hall.

Play Download 01/09/2012 - A Community Affair

Susan Ascher, coach, motivational speaker and author of "Dude, Seriously, It's NOT All About You!" joined host EJ Campbell to discuss tips to help you get ahead in the workplace. She mentioned ways young people can stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Proper dress, thank you note etiquette and hand shaking pointers were also mentioned. Additionally, how to face office gossip was detailed.

Play Download 01/02/2012 - Career Talk

Elizabeth York, the outreach coordinator for Inside Jobs, joined host Ruben Britt to talk about the career search website, York detailed the features on the website including "career families," groups of jobs that all share a similar quality. is a free resource that is available to anyone on the job search.

Play Download 12/05/2011 - Career Talk

Jolie McTerrell and Anthony Diggs joined host Ruben Britt to explain how to get a job in a down economy, tips for improving your resume and proper career fair etiquette. McTerrell and Diggs gave advice on how to make the most use of your time at a career fair.

Play Download 10/03/2011 - Career Talk

Andy Schwartz, Trish Purner and Michael Messina from Northwestern Mutual Financial Network joined host Ruben Britt to discuss the partnership between Rowan University and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. The Rowan University Trading Room in Bunce Hall was detailed.

Play Download 08/01/2011 - Career Talk

Mike Butterfield, a Rowan University alum and an employee with Aflac, discussed his background and role with the company. Also, he explained what he looks for in a potential employees and provided tips on how to get hired.

Play Download 06/06/2011 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt talks with Adrian Smith, a graduate of Rowan University, about her job with the United States District Court. She is part of the many agencies who work on researching those who are arrested and go to court. She discusses how she got her job and the experience she had prior.

Play Download 05/02/2011 - Career Talk

Assistant Director of Rowan's Career and Academic Planning Center and host Ruben Britt is joined by Claire Day from the Alzheimer's Association, which gives education and support to people and families who are living with Alzheimer's disease. They talk about the jobs offered there and how to apply for a job.

Play Download 04/04/2011 - Career Talk

Assistant Director of Rowan's Career and Academic Planning Center and host Ruben Britt spoke to CAP Center interns Stephanie Staple and Holly Hill about common resume blunders that will keep you from getting that dream job.

Play Download 03/07/2011 - Career Talk

Assistant Director of Rowan's Career and Academic Planning Center and host Ruben Britt spoke to Prudential Agency Recruiter Faye Marie Dunbar about her role at Prudential, job opportunities, and how to impress potential employers in the interview.

Play Download 02/07/2011 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Danielle Baar, recruiter for Family Service, a non-profit organization that serves the behavioral health needs of children and families. She explains the job openings they have and the skills needed to obtain a job with them.

Play Download 01/03/2011 - Career Talk

Assistant Director of Rowan's Career and Academic Planning Center and host Ruben Britt spoke to Founder, President and CEO of the Ascher Group, Susan P. Ascher who discusses interview etiquette, manners, and ways to out-shine other applicants.

Play Download 12/06/2010 - Career Talk

Assistant Director of Rowan's Career and Academic Planning Center and host Ruben Britt spoke to Founder and CEO of the DOT (Dreams of Tomorrow) Organization Bob Harris about the organization, how to prepare for an interview, and how to enter the workforce.

Play Download 10/04/2010 - Career Talk

Assistant director of Rowan's Career and Academic Planning Center, Ruben Britt, spoke to Serena Simpson about Paychex Inc., job opportunities, and employee expectations.

Play Download 08/02/2010 - Career Talk

Host Reuben Britt spoke with Robert Kanu of Academic Careers Online about how the site works and how to properly market oneself.

Play Download 06/07/2010 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt talks with Audra Christie about the career path of someone working at Kimberly Clark, the importance of forming connections and how to do well in an interview. She discusses what she feels a cover letter and resume should include.

Play Download 05/03/2010 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt talks to Scott Dare, of Dare Living Associates, who discusses the ways to receive a sales associate job in his company. He also gives insight on how to prepare for an interview and what not to do.

Play Download 04/05/2010 - Career Talk

Mark Calignia joins host Ruben Britt to talk about tips on how to communicate with customers and co-workers. He also discusses his company, Avnet, and what they seek in an employee.

Play Download 03/01/2010 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt talks to the President of US Intern, how US Intern can help you find an internship and know how to get your foot in the door to start your career.

Play Download 02/01/2010 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt talks about how to get an internship, and how your internship can turn into a job.

Play Download 12/12/2009 - Career Talk

Guest Ellen Zalata talks about MTV Networks and what you should know in order to get an internship as a college student.

Play Download 11/03/2009 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt sits down with Anna Devellis of Wawa discussing opportunities in their stores and corporate headquarters.

Play Download 10/07/2009 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt discusses career options in the US Forest Services.

Play Download 06/01/2009 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt talks with NJ State Police Lt. Jonathon Ferney. Lt. Ferney is also the head of the research and development unit. The unit provides information to all levels and gathers information on different trends going on throughout the nation. Some of these trends include personal issues, HR issues, promotions process, determining who will be retiring and how many new officers will be needed.

Play Download 05/04/2009 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt sits down with Sally Nadler of PSEG College Relations. Sally talks about PSEG'S Rebuilding & Maintaining College Recruiting and Outreach Program.

Play Download 04/02/2009 - Career Talk

Aeroteks staffing agency has recruitment professionals who locate, select, screen and mobilize the talent you need - wherever and whenever you need it. Our industry-specific focus allows us to develop a depth of experience, expertise, and connections many other recruiting and staffing firms cannot match.

Play Download 03/02/2009 - Career Talk

Joan Medanie of the US Census Bureau shares information about job opportunities with the organization and desciprtions of open postitions.

Play Download 02/02/2009 - Career Talk

Jennifer Genter from speaks about the website which is devoted to helping students get jobs.

Play Download 01/05/2009 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt interviews Verizon Wireless representative and Rowan Alum Gerard Ohen. Gerard shares insider tips for students planning to interview with potential employers as well as the possibilities of a career with Verizon.

Play Download 11/08/2008 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt interviews Anthony Cannani and Jackie Mariano from Road Trip Nation. They are representatives of the grassroots organization devoted to helping students discover new paths in life.

Play Download 10/06/2008 - Career Talk

Guests John Sensner (NJ Chamber of Congress) and Brian Jones (Newfield Bank) discuss what career opportunities exists for individuals with disabilities.

Play Download 09/01/2008 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt spoke with Andrea Fogg, the community resource administrator for the Cape Atlantic Integrated Network for Kids. Fogg discussed her role with the organization and also provided tips on how to market your skills to employers.

Play Download 08/04/2008 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt interviews Anthony Panto, Divisional Vice President of AXA Financial Advisors. Anthony speaks about job opportunities, the organization itself, and provides tips and advice for students in the job market.

Play Download 06/02/2008 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Tony Crawley of CVS/Caremark. They discuss interviewing techniques and job opportunities available at CVS, especially in the pharmacy.

Play Download 05/05/2008 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt speaks with Marilyn Cawldweld and Keith Weir, who talk about the organization, CRI- Worldwide CNS Research. Marilyn and Keith also discuss job prospects within CRI- Worldwide CNS Research and different opportunities.

Play Download 03/03/2008 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt sits down with Mya Milanich as she talks about serving in the Peace Corps and the opportunities that can come out of it, and how people can get involved.

Play Download 02/04/2008 - Career Talk

Ruben Britt interviews Beth Ray about the CAP center. Beth explains how the CAP center assists students in job interviewing, and resume techniques.

Play Download 12/03/2007 - Career Talk

Ruben Britt interviews Kevin Wright of the N.J. Department of Personel. They talk about the services the N.J. Department of Personel provides.

Play Download 11/05/2007 - Career Talk

Ruben Britt interviews Vanessa Cook of ARI, Automotive Resources International, a fleet leasing company. They discuss opportunities with the company and what qualities ARI looks for in a candidate.

Play Download 10/01/2007 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt discusses Family Service with some of its members. They discuss job opporunities at Family Service and how to apply for these jobs.

Play Download 08/06/2007 - Career Talk

Jill Simmons of Wyndham Vacation Ownership stopped by the show to discuss what the company is all about. She explained her role with recruitment. Also, she offered information on what employment opportunities are available for students.

Play Download 04/02/2007 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt sat down with guest Jessica Anderson of Sherwin-Williams paints. Anderson is a recruitment specialist. Anderson talks about Sherwin Williams as well as some of the tips to remember for job interviews.

Play Download 02/05/2007 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt sat down with Lori Getler, assistant director of the Rowan University CAP Center. Miss Getler discussed E-Campus Recruiter, an online database which helps students and alumni find prospective jobs. She also gave some tips for students going on job interviews.

Play Download 12/04/2006 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt, Rowan University Career and Academic Planning Center sat down with Angela Davenport of Archway Programs. She spoke about how Archway serves the community as well as assisting disabled children. She also talked about what employers look for when hiring and what they expect from individuals in an interview.

Play Download 10/02/2006 - Career Talk

Host Ruben Britt has guest Steve Cruise of Fastenal. Cruise discusses the origins of Fastenal, along with its history. Fastenal, a fasteners distributor, has about 2,000 stores nationwide. Cruise discussed the types of skills he looks for in a job candidate. He discussed looking at prospective employees who have organizational and communication skills.