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RSS League of the Extraordinary

Every Tuesday at 5:30pm Dr. Candace Kelley delivers a weekly program about amazing people, who share their own life journeys and the lessons they have learned.

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Play Download 12/20/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Host Candace Kelley talked with David Care, founder of Integrity House--a Therapeutic Community focused on helping patients overcome substance abuse-- about the history of drug abuse that he has seen addicts overcome and different types of treatment. Care also discussed the time it takes for an addict to get clean, how they must change their lives permanently, as well as a patient's family's involvement in the recovery process. More information can be found at

Play Download 11/15/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Candace Kelley talks with Rowan journalism professor Mark Berkey-Gerard about the changing world of journalism. Berkey-Gerard shares his experiences in the early online journalistic field along with expressing the necessity of learning multi-media, and how to get over the challenges involved in being a journalist today.

Play Download 11/01/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Candace Kelley talks to Ellen Lumpkin Brown, founder of The Doll Loft. The dolls are handmade and personal and people worldwide are able to make their own with doll kits. The dolls' attire are influenced by Brown's travels and the dolls celebrate various cultures.

Play Download 10/18/2011 - League of the Extaordinary

Dr. Candace Kelley talks to John Dias, the new Artistic Director of the Two River Theater in Red Bank, NJ. Dias is known as a leading advocate for new American plays and has worked extensively on new plays and classics. Kelley and Dias discuss the process of how he decides to bring plays and artists to the theater, and they also discuss an upcoming show, August Wilson's Jitney.

Play Download 10/04/2011 - League of the Extaordinary

Danielle Dronet, CEO of the Newark Bears, a minor league baseball team based in Newark, NJ joined Candace Kelley in a discussion of the team, off season plans and a reality show in the works. As one of the few female team owners in the field, she spoke about her role in managing the team.

Play Download 09/20/2011 - The League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Kelley talks to Marsha Blount, co-owner of the Jersey Express Professional Basketball Team. The team is part of the American Basketball Association.

Play Download 05/17/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Candace Kelley speaks with Tiffany Gill, assistant professor of history at the University of Texas and author of Beauty Shop Politics: African American Womens Activism in the Beauty Industry.

Play Download 04/19/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Angelo Ellerbee has been on the cutting edge of defining proper etiquette for celebrities for 36 years. He has worked with everyone from Mary J. Blige and Dionne Warwick to Ginuwine and DMX. Ellerbee explains to host Dr. Candace Kelley what it took for him to become the go to image maker of the stars through his Public Relations firm Double Exposure. He will also explain how an artist who behaves badly can clean up their act.

Play Download 04/12/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Candace Kelley talks to Baron Hilliard who is on a 365-day journey through black America. While traveling across the country on a bike he will highlight all the positive things that happen in the black community.

Play Download 03/15/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Candace Kelley talks with Marti Robinson who plays a key role in F.E.L.L.A.S. which stands for Fathers Empowered to Learn, Lead and Achieve Success. He teaches fathers to be better men and gives men the tools to be in their childrens lives.

Play Download 03/01/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Candace Kelley talks with Jason Brunet about his experience on the show A&E Hoarders. He talks about his mom being on the show and what tendencies could lead to a hoarding habit.

Play Download 02/15/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Lorna Johnson, the principal of Global Linkages, discusses a beading initiative in Ghana that raises money for school uniforms and supplies.

Play Download 02/01/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Newspaper publisher Milton Allimadi publisher and author who broke multiple big named stories including one a scandal that put investment bank Morgan Stanely in a series of embarassing headlines. He discusses what it takes to be a hard nosed journalist and why he is teaching normal citizens to take journalism into their own hands.

Play Download 01/18/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Film makers Malika Zouhali-Worrall and Katherine Fairfax Wright discuss their film "Call Me Kuchu", which shows the plight of the LGBT community in Uganda.

Play Download 01/04/2011 - League of the Extraordinary

Part 2: In this two part series, porn star Lexington Steele explains how went from being a broker on Wall Street to the streets of the San Fernando Valley to become one of today's most well know porn stars in the industry. Steele explains what made him take the first step to go naked, how he distinguishes himself from others and how he reconciles what he does with God.

Play Download 12/07/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

Part 1: In this two part series, porn star Lexington Steele explains how went from being a broker on Wall Street to the streets of the San Fernando Valley to become one of today's most well know porn stars in the industry. Steele explains what made him take the first step to go naked, how he distinguishes himself from others and how he reconciles what he does with God.

Play Download 11/02/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

If you want to say I do, and want to do it your own way, but you probably won't find him marrying many bridezillas at the weddings he performs.He is a wedding officiant and founder of Humble Man Weddings. So If you want to get married in your living or even his living room, he's your guy. Cooper talks about what led him to performing these types of weddings and some of his most controversial nuptials.

Play Download 09/28/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

Lori Ersomaltz has taken the issue prison re-entry cause into her own hands. Ersomaltz explains why she created a series of films that shed light on prison re-entry and wholes in the system.

Play Download 09/21/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

John Diaz and Deeksha Gaur about the Two River Theatre in Red Bank, NJ discuss the world of theatre and upcoming events.

Play Download 06/22/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

He's trained people all over the country. In this episode, "Follow the Leader," find out how leadership developer Darryl Walls takes students, corporations and nonprofits and turns them around. From building low self esteem that changes academic performance to building company morale, his highly changed leadership development sessions have yielded results in various settings.

Play Download 06/08/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

She overcame a turbulent childhood to beat the odds. Leslie Ann Morris details her childhood obstacles and struggles discussed in book "How Ya Like Me Now!"

Play Download 06/01/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

Sharon Levy, the CEO and Founder of "Taking Tea in Style" discusses some amazing teas and their importance.

Play Download 04/27/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

How does a nice, White Jewish kid end up as a Pastor and Apostle in a predominantly Black Pentecostal organization? Bishop Fred Rubin shars his extraordinary journey.

Play Download 04/20/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

When it comes to funerals and burials Tanya Kenevich is front and center. She works for the magazine American Funeral Director covering stories about everything from elaborate pet cemeteries to how you can have your loved ones ashes made into fireworks. She has heard and seen it all and shares her beyond the grave stories and explains why she was attracted to this type of work as a journalist.

Play Download 03/23/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

Alexandra Harcharek is the editor of A Food Coma. When not cooking and eating, she spends most of her time juggling life, love and grad school between London and Philadelphia. In addition to freelance jobs as a designer, reporter and photographer, Alexandra's work has been recognized by the New York Times, published by The Daily Journal(Gannett), The Courier Post (Gannett), South Jersey Magazine, The Syndicated College News Wire and Philadelphia City Paper.

Play Download 02/09/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

Girdie B. Washington takes listeners on a trip to the Gullah Islands. Washington is a native of St. Helena Island, one of the most historically distinct islands on the South Carolina Sea coast. The Gullahs are descendants of West African slaves who worked the fields but as whites deserted the coast in favor of milder climates, the Gullahs lived for generations in isolation, maintaining their African culture. Washington explains what it was like growing up as part of such a rich history.

Play Download 02/02/2010 - League of the Extraordinary

Honeybees have some of the best real estate in New York City. Their homes are penthouse locations at the top of buildings throughout the upper and Lower East Side, Brooklyn Heights The Bronx, and Harlem. David Graves, one of the leading urban beekeepers in New York City, shares how he grew the number of bee colonies throughout the city and what the world without honey bees would be like.

Play Download 12/01/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

Artist Peter Ambush takes listeners into his art world. Ambush has created inspiring works in many fields from greeting cards and books to computer graphics and portraits. Many people are fans of the more than 400 TV Guide covers he created for the Newark, NJ based newspaper The Star Ledger. From Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Springsteen, to Polar Bears and the Pope, his stunning portraits are filled with such dynamic detail you can't help but study them and wonder about the creative process.

Play Download 11/24/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

Stephanie Clark joins host Candace Kelley to discuss her organization My Daughter's Keeper, and highlights her beliefs of how to be a better parent to a daughter.

Play Download 11/10/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

1987 Richard Gaskin was 20 years old and looking forward to a music career but a gunshot to his neck caused him to be paralyzed. For years he says he existed until Christoper Reeve trailblazed a way for the disabled. Gaskin shares how paralysis changed his life, his work with the Christoper and Dana Reeve Foundation and his advocacy organization I Believe, Inc.

Play Download 10/20/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

In "105 Years of Wisdom" author and motivational speaker Caryl Lucas discusses her book "Aunt Sarah's Recipes For a Long And Spirit Filled Life." The book is based upon stories told to Lucas by her extraordinary Great Aunt Sarah Carter Perry Brown who was born in 1903 in Twiggs County, Georgia. Chock full of life lessons, delicious recipes and endearing stories that span over 18 Presidents, the book paints the portrait of a favored matriarch who shaped her family through faith.

Play Download 10/13/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

In this episode, US Supreme Court Reporter takes listeners inside the the high court and shares personal stories about what it's like covering the most elusive group of judges in the country. From what's on the docket, to how Justice Sonia Sotomayor is performing, Weisenfeld gives listeners a front row seat.

Play Download 09/15/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

Former Chicago Tribune reporter and newlywed Emily Achenbaum takes listeners to her new farm. She gave up her city life in Chicago for one of voluntary simplicity in North Carolina. Emily explains her scaled back new way of life which includes less eating out, gardening, canning. She also explains what it has taken for her to truly go green. Her blog www.littlehouseonthe chronicles her experience.

Play Download 06/06/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Kenneth Neumann does various mediations including divorce. He talks about myths regarding divorce v. mediation and what it takes for him to work with various personalities to reach amicable agreements.

Play Download 05/26/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

Dr. Kenneth Neumann does various mediations including divorce. He talks about myths regarding divorce v. mediation and what it takes for him to work with various personalities to reach amicable agreements.

Play Download 04/28/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

Bonnie Lannom is a representative for the Seeing Eye Dog in Morristown, NJ. Bonnie talks about the importance of seeing eye dogs and her own life experience in which she lost her sight at a young age and was forced to use a seeing eye dog herself..

Play Download 03/31/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

JM Benjamin grew up in the Second Street projects in Plainfield, New Jersey and saw the drug trade up-close and personal through his father and relatives. He began selling drugs at the age of 12, building a reputation as the 'go to' guy for crack cocaine. After spending a total of 12 years in prison, he now makes a living selling urban fiction based on his experiences in the drug trade.

Play Download 02/24/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

In the second part of a two part series, Bishop Fred Rubin talks about how growing up in an Orthodox Jewish home shaped his values. He also shares what its like being married to his wife who is African American, how he raised his children, grew his Pentacostal church, and his views on race and racism.

Play Download 02/17/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

How does a nice, White Jewish kid end up as a Pastor in a predominantly Black Pentecostal church? Fred Rubin was raised in a typical Orthodox Jewish home. He had a barmitpha and his mother kept a Kosher home. But in the 1960's a series of life changing events changed his religious path. Bishop Rubin shares how his religious background shaped his journey, family relationships and what drew him to the Pentecostal church.

Play Download 02/10/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

In the second part of the series Minister Alex Pineda discusses his book "Married to the Promise", which details his journey to find his wife, Carolyn Jenkins-Pineda. When they met, she had AIDS but her disease didn't stop them from falling in love and getting married. Carolyn died in 2006 and Minister Pineda continues her work through Alex Pineda Ministries. Minister Pineda has traveled the world ministering to the sick and misunderstood.

Play Download 02/03/2009 - League of the Extraordinary

Minister Alex Pineda grew up in Hoboken, NJ as a ward of the state. Plagued by drug and alcohol addiction, as a child he watched as his mother deal with a multiple personality disorder and watched as his father drowned himself in alcohol. Minister Pineda began trying to sooth his pain when he was 8 years old by taking Nyquil to rid him of what he calls "real visions" of demons. But he says that God set him free from self-destruction. Now he travels the world ministering to the sick.

Play Download 12/16/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

Growing up, she said "no" to Barbie dolls and "yes" to Star Wars collectible cards. Tara Dilullo Bennett developed a passion for science fiction at an early age and was inspired by many including James Cameron and Tim Burton. She found a home for her passion as an author, going behind the scenes of some of the most adored television shows and movies. Through books like "300: The Art of the Film," and all four of the "24: Official Companion Guides" readers discover how artists and designers bring

Play Download 12/09/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

It was 2003, after the American invasion of Iraq, when thieves stole priceless antiquities from the Iraq Museum. Armed with a Master's in Classicial Studies, Marine Reservist Colonel Bogdanos quickly realized the role he had to play in saving a significant chunk of Iraq's cultural heritage. He shares how he recovered hundreds of priceless pieces. His journey is detailed in his book Thieves of Baghdad: One Marine's Passion to Recover the World's Greatest Stolen Treasures.

Play Download 11/25/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

Jason Riddick remembers when it was his turn to cook for his family for a month. After his mother died when he was 14, he perfected his skills in the kitchen and turned his passion into his company "Sweetcakes" where he has made a name for himself making cheesecakes and other sweet delights.

Play Download 11/11/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

It's one of the oldest book clubs in the country. The "Bibliophiles" is a book club of African American women who have been meeting for the past 20 years. Members of the group share how the they have stayed together while other book clubs have come and gone. They consider themselves more than just a book club-they are a family.

Play Download 10/28/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

When Jay Chaskes was disabled by a staff infection in 2004 everything in his life changed as he knew it. He had a slim chance of surviving but when he left the hospital he had to reinvent his day from beginning to end. Chaskes discusses the challenges he overcame and how his disability transformed his personal life and his teaching career.

Play Download 10/07/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

A carnival wouldn't be the same without getting your caricature done. Artist Josh Adaire takes listeners behind the scenes of caricature art, drawing a clear picture about the art form. He shares the ups and downs of poking fun at people's worst features. Adaire also explains the underground world of carnivals and how "carnies" survive traveling the country entertaining others.

Play Download 09/23/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

In 1937 Cartoonist Jackie Ormes became the first African American female cartoonist, who through her coiffed characters addressed every issue from racism to even fashion. The outspoken strips eventually led her to be investigated during the McCarthy Era. Nancy Goldstein talks about her book Jackie Ormes: The First African American Woman Cartoonist which chronicles the life of the cartoonist.

Play Download 09/16/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

In the second of a two-part series Cortney Wilcox explains how she healed her body of cancer. From her diet to her exercise routine and her support group, Cortney shares the details of her powerful journey.

Play Download 09/09/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

In the Fall of 2007, Cortney Bolden was diagnosed with stage 3B Breast Cancer but surprised doctors when months later they found her cancer undetectable. In the first of a two-part series, Cortney explains how she healed her body from cancer and discusses her life-changing experience.

Play Download 09/04/2008 - League of the Extraordinary

Show Debut. When Karen was 16 she left her native Nicaragua and traveled through rough waters in the dark of the night with her with her religious elder who served as her "coyote." For over 5 weeks she traveled on a rubber boat to immigrate to America. She often had to camouflage herself in a dark plastic bag to evade immigration officials. Karen shares her experiences leaving her war torn country.